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2 Of The Best Skype Headsets Under $100


2 Of The Best Skype Headsets Under $100

Posted by Drew Merritt on Jul 24, 2016 6:09:27 PM
Drew Merritt
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Crystal clear communications on your Skype calls will be important. The options below are 3 of the best skype headsets under $100 for comfort, sound quality and warranty.

Each of these headsets are optimized with Skype for Business and will work great if you're a company rolling out a deployment of Skype headsets or if you're a single home user using Skype.

#1 Axtel MS2 Premium USB Wired Headset


Axtel is a premium headset manufacture and everything they make has quality and HD sound quality in mind. The Axtel MS2 is plug and play connectivity to your computer and is a great Skype Headset.

In addition, the Axtel MS2 is lightweight and built with premium materials for the highest durability. Also, if you want to experience HD sound quality for you and the caller then I challenge you to test this headset out for yourself. 

I've personally used and tested the Axtel MS2 and in my opinion, nothing compares to this Skpe headset for under $100. 

Price Tag: $79.99



  • Lightweight and built with the highest quality materials
  • Plug and play connectivity with in-line controller to adjust volumes, mute/unmute and answer/end calls
  • 2 year advanced replacement warranty for breaks or defects
  • Real HD premium audio for you and the caller
  • Noise cancelling microphone to help eliminate any background noise that a caller would otherwise hear

#2 Jabra Evolve 30


The Jabra Evolve line of USB wired headsets is impressive. Many office headsets are built with business in mind and forget about focusing on users who like the audio quaity of a nice pair of headphones for music. The Jabra Evolve 30 is one of the  best skype headsets because it's lightweight, comfortable and has a pair of speakers built for music! 

In addition, the Jabra Evolve 30 is optimized for Skype and is plug and play connectivity to your computer. Once connected, you have an in-line controller that allows you to adjust your volumes, mute/unmute and answer/end calls directly from the headset. 

Also, the Jabra Evolve 30 has a noise cancelling microphone boom to help reduce any uwanted background noise a caller would otherwise hear. 

Lastly, you're covered with a 1 year warranty so if the Jabra Evolve 30 Skype Headset breaks or becomes defective then you're covered for a year from the date of purchase.

I'm a huge fan of the Jabra Evolve series of headsets and I personally use the Jabra Evolve 65 for listening to my music and taking my phone calls with my mobile phone.

Price Tag: $76 



These are two of the best skype headsets that should work for just about any user. When choosing a Skype headset, it's important to have a headset that is lightweight for all day comfort, it needs to be compatible with Skype and lastly it needs to sound great not only for you but your caller. These two headsets meet all the requirements! Check one out for yourself and let us know what you think.