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3 Benefits Of A Noise Cancelling Phone Headset


3 Benefits Of A Noise Cancelling Phone Headset

Posted by Drew Merritt on Jun 14, 2016 3:02:48 PM
Drew Merritt
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Before we jump into the 3 benefits, I want to clear up two different terms of "noise cancelling" in a headset. I get asked, what is the best noise cancelling phone headset? My natural response is, do you need noise cancellation in your headphones to block out your surroundoing environment? OR is your main concern blocking out the noise, so a caller doesn't hear your loud environment.

3 important benefits below

1) Reduce noise to focus on the task at hand

Our attention spans these days are shorter than ever. Some worse than others! Being interrupted at work takes you 23 minutes to regain your focus. From a management perspective to see employees off task not getting the job done as best as possible is unsatisfying. Investing in a noise cancelling phone headset allows you to stay focused by blocking out those distractions.

2) Convenience to keep both hands free

Studies show you're up to 43% more productive having both your hands free to work. You use to see many people using a corded office phone cradling the phone against their neck while they work (kind of like the image above). Not only will that kill your neck over time, but you're less efficient without even knowing it. Even if you're in a loud environment and are a mild phone user, investing in a noise cancelling phone headset is a smart choice for those times you're on phone calls.

3) Less work related injuries

Ergonomics in office environments is crucial. People think working in an office doesn't take a toll on your body but the reality is if you're not careful, you will have all kinds of problems with your neck, back or wrists. As I'm writing this blog I'm using a VariDesk standup desk, ergonomic keyboard, ergonomic mouse and a Discover D901 wireless headset to answer/end my phone calls by the click of a button.

My environment isn't very loud so I wouldn't need a noise cancelling phone headset. But if I was in a louder environment believe me I would be putting a noise cancelling headset on and getting to work! Below is a few models I would highly recommend, depending on the application you need a headset for.

Discover D902 Wireless Office Headset












If you use a corded office phone and work in a louder environment but prefer to be wire free, the Discover D902 is your best bet. Below is the main benefits you can expect with the Discover D902.

  1. Lightweight dual ear wearing style reduces background noise in louder environments
  2. Longest wireless range on the market rated up to 1200 feet
  3. Up to 9 hours of battery talk time on a single charge
  4. Compatible with 98% of corded office phones and 100% compatible with your PC, Laptop or Mac

Jabra Evolve 80













If you use an IPhone or your computer to answer or receive phone calls but work in a louder environment, then I would highly recommend the Jabra Evolve 80. Jabra did a great job making this headset and if you want to block out noise, then look no further. With active noise cancellation, you can easily switch this feature on or off depending how much you want to zone in on your work. In addition, you have a microphone boom that you can use for your phone calls or you can move it out of the way to stay hidden. 

To learn more click the image above.

Discover D702 Wired Office Headset











The Discover D702 covers both ears to reduce your background noise. In addition, the microphone is noise cancelling to help reduce what a caller would otherwise hear in your background. Also, since this headset is lightweight you shouldn't have any problem wearing it all day long.

Lastly, the D702 is very versatile allowing you to connect accross many applications like your cordless phones, corded office phones, mobile phones and computers. 

Click the image above to learn more.


Is your office loud? Does your neck hurt? Invest in a noise cancelling phone headset and you will see your productivity soar!


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