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3 Of The Best Corded Customer Service Headsets


3 Of The Best Corded Customer Service Headsets

Posted by Drew Merritt on Jul 11, 2016 12:22:12 PM
Drew Merritt
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With all the choices of corded customer service headsets out there, it gets confusing what to choose. We narrow it down to 3 choices you should consider which should work for just about every environment.

Hearing a customer and being heard with crystal clear audio is a big part of giving customers a great experience. Without being able to see a customer face to face in person, it's important to hear and be heard the first time without having to constantly repeat yourself.

In addition, being hands free is going to increase your productivity to have both hands free. Below is 4 corded customer service headsets that live up to a customer service reps needs. Great sound quality, lightweight for all day comfort and compatible with just about any phone application you have. 

#1 Axtel Elite HD wired headset series









The Axtel Elite premium corded headsets come in a single ear wearing option and a dual speaker option as you can see above. These wired headsets give you best in class HD audio quality and an ultra noise cancelling microphone ideal for those louder environments. The Axtel Elite series is an ideal customer service headset built with sound quality, comfort and design in mind. 

Very versatile to work with just about any application. You need to purchase a separate cord depending on if you want to connect with a computer, corded office phone or mobile phone.

If you want maximum comfort and HD premium audio then consider an Axtel Elite headset.

#2 Discover D700 wired headset series












The Discover D701 and D702 are designed to be an overall very good customer service headset. The quick disconnect cord is patented to work with existing Plantronics and Jabra direct connect cables and amplifiers. Both the D701 and D702 come included with leatherette or foam ear cushions for your preference which is very nice. The audio quality is very nice and offers a noise cancelling microphone to help reduce the unwanted background noise.

The Discover D700 series will work for many customer service reps, but if you worker in a louder office environment, then the Axtel Elite headsets would be my recommendation. 

A separate cable is required to be purchased depending on if you want to use this headset with a computer, laptop, mac, corded office phone or cordless phone.

#3 Axtel MS2 Wired USB Headsets









The Axtel MS2 USB wired headsets give you true professional HD sound quality. Compatible with your softphone clients, Skype for business and is optimized for Microsoft Lync. As you can see from the pictures above, you have your choice between a single ear and dual speakers. 

In addition, the Axtel MS2 headsets have an in-line controller which allows you to easily adjust volumes up/down, mute/unmute and you can answer/end calls from the headset. 

Lastly, these headsets are lightweight, comfortable and are built with the highest materials with durability and quality in mind.


Depending on your needs and budget will depend on the right customer service headset for you. For a customer service rep who takes inbound calls or makes outbound calls, then the quality of headset you use is crucial. Your headset needs to be lightweight and comfortable for you to wear it all day, it needs to be compatible with your phone system and it needs to sound great for you and the caller!

If you prefer a wireless headset, click the image below to learn more about the Discover D900 wireless headsets and why these headsets are ideal for customer service reps.