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3 Wireless Headsets For Office Phones That Rock


3 Wireless Headsets For Office Phones That Rock

Posted by Drew Merritt on May 26, 2016 11:51:56 PM
Drew Merritt
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With many options of wireless headsets for office phones to choose from I get asked all the time, which headset is right for me? That's why I had to write about these 3 headsets that shine! Each model is designed for different users in mind AND each model is compatible with 98% of corded office phones.

Discover D801 Wireless Headset (Good)















The Discover D801 is designed to be a budget friendly, simple and easy to use wireless headset. The single ear headband wearing option is a popular choice. You can have one ear free so you can still hear your environment around you. For the money, this is a very nice choice if you have a strict budget but want a wireless headset. In a matter of minutes you're setup and wire free.

Now keep in mind you're not getting the ferarri of headsets here but I can say you're getting a great value. If you're expecting a premium wireless headset, then I would highly recommend not to choose this model. Below is an outline of the features you can expect.

  • 1 year advanced replacement warranty
  • Noise canceling microphone
  • Up to 8 hour talk time
  • Visual indicators on the charging base show battery charge, in use and mute
  • 350 feet of wireless range to walk and talk (add the DHL110 and you will be able to answer/end phone calls from the Discover D801)

Discover D901 Wireless Headset (Better)














The Discover D901 is only one headset to choose from in this new product line. This headset would be considered mid level and is designed to be a fully featured wireless headset. If you need long wireless range then this model is your best bet giving you the longest wireless range on the market rated up to 1200 feet, vs the industry standard 350 feet.

In addition, with the future moving towards softphones and computer based applications, the need to have a headset for both an office phone as well as computer will be very beneficial (visit our blog on the best USB wireless headset). The Discover D901 connects to both your office phone and PC, Laptop or Mac. Below is the features you can expect.

Lastly, the Discover D901 is only 1 of 4 models to choose from. Each model has a different wearing options for different preferences. The Discover D902 covers both ears for louder environments. Discover D903 is an earpiece wearing style for those who prefer an earpiece wearing preference. Lastly the Discover D904 is a convertible wearing style that allows you to switch between over the ear or over the head. 

  • Up to 1200 feet of wireless range to walk and talk wire free
  • Up to 9 hours of battery talk time on a single charge
  • Add the DHL110 to answer/end phone calls from the D901 headset
  • Compatible with office phones and PC, Laptop or Mac
  • Battery meter on charging base shows you battery charge
  • Lightweight design for all day comfort
  • Simple and easy to use design, you're setup in minutes

Last.... but not least!

Sennheiser OfficeRunner Wireless Headset (Best)










Do you like premium? Best of the best? The OfficeRunner is a premium wireless headset that gives you the longest warranty in the industry at 3 years and a premium sound unmatched from the rest. There is definitely something to say about have a crystal clear conversation and the OfficeRunner delivers. 

In addition, just like the other models above this wireless headset is compatible with 98% of corded office phones, as well as your PC, Laptop or Mac. Stop using 2 headsets for both your computer applications and phone calls! It's much more convenient and productive to use one wireless headset that keeps you wire free and allows you to simply switch between both phone and computer.

  • Up to 400 feet of wireless range to walk and talk
  • Premium HD sound for you and the caller
  • Convertible wearing style allows you to wear this over the ear or over the head
  • Compatible with ORL12 to answer/end phone calls remotely from the OfficeRunner
  • Up to 12 hours of talk time, longest on the market
  • Industry leading 3 year warranty for peace of mind
  • Compatible wit 98% of corded office phones and 100% compatible with PC, Laptop or Mac


I used the good, better, best model to compare these 3 wireless headsets or your office phones that I believe rock! If my budget is tight but I see the benefit in being wire free, I'm going with the D801.

If I want to step my headset game up and go mid level with a fully featured wireless headset, I'm going with the Discover D901. Lastly, If I like something shiny, premium and best of the best I'm choosing the OfficeRunner.

Now the choice is yours.

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