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5 Benefits With A Long Range Wireless Headset


5 Benefits With A Long Range Wireless Headset

Posted by Doug Merritt on Sep 28, 2016 12:37:37 PM

The speed at which business operates today is faster than ever before.  Communication and data has become instantly available and the need for a long distance wireless headset in the workplace is gaining in importance as well.

People at work and outside of work share one thing in common.  In both places they want mobility.  When mobile, they want to stay connected and the devices common to our work and social lives are allowing just that.  Having wireless connectivity to our desk phone is an extension of what we experience with our other mobile devices.  One thing that needs improving is the range offered by wireless telephone headsets. 

Up until now, the industry standard has been to provide wireless telephone headsets up to 350 feet.  Given that the manufacturers provide wireless range reflective of “an open field” meaning a range reflective of zero obstacles,  you need to reduce the distance in order to arrive at a range more in-line with what you can expect to receive in an office environment. A general rule of thumb is to reduce the stated range by 50%.

What factors would underscore the need for a long range wireless headset? 

Missed Calls










Everyone misses phone calls, it’s just a matter of how many and how often.  You can help turn the tide on this common office issue by employing a long range wireless headset.  Though most models are grouped into the same distance offering, there are a couple brands that stand out among the crowd in terms of offering longer wireless range.  Having longer range will help you to avoid missed calls by giving you an expanded work footprint.

Telephone ping pong

Ping pong is a great game.  It’s been played since the late 1800’s reportedly originating in England.  In spite of the joy one might receive in getting into a great two way exchange, ping pong has no place when it comes to exchanging voice messages on a reocurring basis in business.  A true long range wireless headset can help avoid the dreaded telephone ping pong game by allowing you to be available to take calls throughout your work environment.  Products offering less wireless range will help this game to creep back into your daily work routine.  Avoid the game and invest in a long range wireless headset.  Point and match!

Time savings

With a long range wireless headset you’ll recover some time that would otherwise be used listening to voice message, jotting down phone numbers and names and then returning those calls.  The better choice is to avoid the activities all together.  This can be accomplished by employing the use of a new wireless headset.  The time you save can then be redirected to other areas of business allowing you to sell more, support more, manage more and so on. 










Better customer service

If your mission is to provide the best customer service possible, one thing that runs counter to that goal is not answering your phone.  This puts the customer in the position of leaving a voice message or just hanging up.  Both options leave a lot to be desired.  The environment most businesses face today is one of growing competition and one way to help improve your odds of victory is to simply be available to help when called. 

A long range wireless headset can help you to be available even in times when away from your desk.  A call comes in, you hear a beep tone in your headset.  A simple press of a button on your earpiece and you’re instantly connected to the caller.  What could be easier than that?  Certainly not shoveling snow from your driveway in the dead of winter.  Toss the shovel and look into a long range wireless headset instead.  Your customers will thank you!

Bigger wireless footprint equals more worker options

Depending on the size of the office you work in, many wireless headsets will come up short when it comes to its ability to give you full wireless coverage.  This can cause you to modify your work behaviors which would otherwise not be necessary if you had a wireless headset that offered extended wireless range. 

Take for example a printer located a distance from your desk.  With a customer on the line, you might have a need to pull a document off the printer while on the call.  Though you could place the customer on hold while you retreive the document, it would be more fluid and natural if you could stay on the phone while walking to the printer.  Others may have a need to step into the warehouse to check on an order. 

Customer service is enhanced by being able to give the customer an immediate answer.  The list of benefits in having a long range wireless headset are numerous.  The main message is to know what your needs are for range and to make sure the product you buy will meet that need. 

Generally speaking, more is better.  So when shopping for a new long range wireless headset, make sure that you make note of how much range the model offers.  Having more wireless range vs. less will never do you a diservice so when in the market for an update, look for a model that offers long range.


One model worth considering is the new Discover™ D901 single ear and D902 double ear long range wireless headset.  Unlike other available wireless headsets, the Discover D901 and D902 offer a wireless talk range that’s three times further with a range rated up to 1200 feet vs. 350 on others. 

This added range can make a big difference to anyone needing the ultimate in wireless flexibility.  You can go further and do more when using a Discover wireless headset.  If you’d like to learn more about this unique product or to try one out right in your office, free of charge, contact us today.  Once you compare, you’ll discover more wireless freedom and you’ll discover a better long range wireless headset solution. 

Discover D901 Long Wireless Range Challenge