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5 Reason Why Even President Obama Needs a Discover Headset


5 Reason Why Even President Obama Needs a Discover Headset

Posted by David Merritt on Jun 25, 2016 12:11:16 AM
David Merritt

My message to Mr. President Obama "Imagine how more effective you would be with a new wireless Discover headset! Loose that headache, pain in your neck, and gain 1200ft of wireless range, heck maybe you can even make it all the way to the situation room or negotate a deal to build a wall. We believe that our country will be better served with your increased productivity so we will even hook you up with one absolutely free!"

Ok, so that message will unlikely reach our President however I want to go over the 5 reasons why you should use a Wireless Discover headset.





1) Wireless Freedom of up to 1200ft of wireless range

Imagine you can answer and end calls up to 4 football fields away from your telephone.. Wow that's crazy.  Plus the wireless freedom of not being trapped next to your phone is quite freeing. The industry standard for wireless office headset range is 300ft and in our testing we achieved 2-3 times the distance.

2) Increase Productivity

100% of call centers/contact centers use headsets. Why you ask? Well their primary focus is talking with customers and are constantly looking to increase productivity. The call centers understand that their agents will be more efficient at their job and will ultimately save their company a lot of money plus the customers will have a better experience because both the agent and the customer will be able to hear the call better.

3) Dual connectivity - PC & Phone connections

Instead of having 2 seperate headsets one for your phone and another for your computer. These Discover wireless headsets allow you to use one AMAZING headset for both your phone and your computer communications such as Skype, webinars, video conferencing, or if you have a softphone. The industry is heading closer and closer to softphones meaning some day we won't have a telephone sitting at our desks so this headset allows you to future proof your investment.

4) Simple & Easy to Use

Why use products that are difficult? It doesn't make sense a few of the products on the market are unecessarily difficult for even us headset experts for even the most simple tasks. With this product line it's just plug and play with a few different buttons to adjust volumes.

5) Guaranteed 100% Compatible Backed by a 2-Year Warranty

These headsets are guaranteed to work with your office telephone. If your telephone has a standard handset with coil cord then this headset will work no matter which brand of telephone you have. Plus, we're so confident you will love this headset and we believe that it is a good quality product we're backing it up with a full 2 year advanced replacement warranty, the other guys have a 1 year warranty.

No matter if you are the President of the United States, work in a corporate office, or you have a home office these Discover headsets will make you more productive at your job. We believe you should have an opportunity to try these headsets absolutely free so you can see the benefits for yourself. Click the banner below to get started.

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