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7 Reasons Logitech Group Is Changing How We Use Video Conferencing


7 Reasons Logitech Group Is Changing How We Use Video Conferencing

Posted by Drew Merritt on Feb 17, 2016 2:20:02 PM
Drew Merritt
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The Logitech Group is filling a spot in the video conferencing world that no one else is offering. That is affordable HD video conferencing and a great sounding USB plug and play speakerphone. With businesses changing over time and deploying many UC applications, Logitech is aiming for the future of how we will communicate. Until now you had two options, either to huddle around a laptop and squeeze in OR invest big money in a hardware system.

Even before video conferencing we would fly our employees to specific locations for larger meetings. With technology advancing, video conferencing was born but would and still can cost you big bucks! The Logitech Group not only gives you a full HD 1080p HD pan tilt zoom camera, but you get a great sounding speakerphone as well for under $1000. 

Many of you with UC applications that use video conferencing are most likely familiar with the Logitech CC3000e. The Group is taking UC video conferencing one step further in quality and expandability. Now rated up to 14-20 attendees for a conference vs. up to 10. We will talk about the key differences of the Group and CC3000e.










Differences between Logitech Group and CC3000e?

  • Upgraded speakerphone, which now has a metal case to improve audio quality, 4 omni directional mics to pick up a 20 foot radius and, optional expansion mics are now available (increase mic pickup range to 28 feet).
  • Group is ideal for 14-20 people where the CC3000e is ideal up to 10.
  • Both conference cam's are the exact same. Offering 1080p HD PTZ(pan tilt zoom), with a 90 degree field of view and on board h.264 scalable video coding and 10x losless HD zoom.
  • Color coded cords and plug and play connectivity make the Group a simple setup and easy to use video conferencing cam and speakerphone.
  • Both are compatible with most video software applications, including the one you are already using.

Now that we know the differences between the from the CC3000e we can indentify the 7 reasons how the Group is changing the game of video conferencing. 

#1 Full 1080p HD conferences

at a price point of $999.99 to have a full HD PTZ camera is impressive. Investing in other video conferencing hardware can cost you up to 5 figures! The Logitech Group gives you life like video to make sure your video conferences are as real as possible.

#2 Full Duplex Expandable Speakerphone

iIncluded with 4 omni directional microphones that pickup a 20 foot radius, Group ensures your meetings sound great. In addition, you can add expansion microphones that will increase your mic pickup radiance to 28 feet. This is a great feature for those larger size conferences. Rated up to 14-20 people on a conference, the improved speakerphone will handle your mid to large size conferences. With Bluetooth technology you can even connect a Bluetooth device to the speakerphone for professional quality audio calls. From experience I can tell you it beats using the speakerphone of an Iphone or office phone! 

#3 Easy To Use Plug And Play Connectivity

With an easy plug and play setup the Logitech Group makes installation a breeze. These days, the less we have to read and the sooner something works right out of the box, the better! 

#4 Compatible With Most UC and Video Conferencing Apps

With the Group flexibility, users are free to use the video conference program of their choice. Professional grade certifications, ensure Logitech Group will be optimized for the leading UC and video conferencing applications. Optimized for Microsoft Lync, Skype or for business, Cisco Jabber and WebEx compatible. 

#5 Customizable For Your Room Preference

You now have the freedom to customize your conference room setup, with multiple camera mounting options. With included hardware you can mount the Logitech Group on the wall or on your table. On the bottom of the conference cam is a standard tripod thread for versatility. 

#6 Designed For Small To Medium Size Conferences

 Ideal conferences seat up to 14 people and if you add the expansion mics you can push your video conference meetings to 20 people. 

#7 Affordable... Affordable... And.. Affordable

With a price tag of $999 Logitech Group is included with conference cam and speakerphone or $1299 with expansion mics. The Group HD camera and speakerphone is the most affordable UC video conferencing hardware you can get. Until now, there was no solution in this price range for mid to larger size video conference meetings. 


This Logitech UC video conferencing solution is being released in March and is now available for pre-order. This video conference solution is one you should highly consider if you plan on having mid to large video conferences through a PC, Mac or Laptop. 

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