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5 Reasons Your Desk Phone Wireless Headset Must Have PC Connectivity


5 Reasons Your Desk Phone Wireless Headset Must Have PC Connectivity

Posted by Drew Merritt on Feb 5, 2016 12:17:14 PM
Drew Merritt
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Before purchasing a desk phone wireless headset you must consider having PC connectivity as well. With the future moving to the UC world, one day desk phones wont be used and everyone will be using their phone through a softphone application on their PC or Mac. Before investing budget dollars into a wireless headset, consider our 5 reasons you need to have PC connection with a wireless headset.

#1 Music.... Music... More Music


Employees can be 40% less productive when they are distracted by their environment. Being able to listen to music or the radio allows you to focus on your work and reduce the amount of distractions. PLUS no one will hear you when you're rocking out to your favorite jam.

#2 Professional quality for webinars, skype, conference calls and more.

In the modern world communication has evolved to the computer with webinars, video conferencing, Skype calls and more being a standard business process for many companies. Having one professional wireless headset for phone calls and PC/Mac use, that you can easily use, enables you to stay more effectively engaged with employees, vendors and customers.

#3 One headset means... less clutter!

We've seen it all when it comes to headsets. One headset for your PC or Mac, another for your desk phone. Frustration sets in with these cords tangled all over the place. Wouldn't it just be easier to have one desk phone wireless headset for your PC/Mac and desk phone that sounds great and is easy to use? By having one wireless headset, it will not only simplify your life but it will keep one high quality headset for any communication platform you choose.

#4 Future proof. What does future proof mean?

Knowing the future of telephone technology is rapidly migrating towards what we call in the industry, "softphones". Which is a fancy way of saying a telephone application on your PC, that removes the need for a physical desk phone. It's smart to consider a wireless headset that will connect to both a telephone and PC/Mac. If you see your organization making the switch within 5 years, which many of the fortune 5000 companies have done already, then you should highly consider a desk phone wireless headset that connects with a PC.

#5 Wireless Freedom

Who doesnt like wireless freedom? Office workers who use a desk phone wireless headset are up to 43% more productive. Whether you need to step away to get the needed cup of coffee or it's starting to get loud in your environment, you can step away wire free. Discoverâ„¢ desk phone wireless headset gives you the longest wireless range, rated up to 1200 feet of distance. No matter if you are on a webinar, conference call or need to always be answering your phone calls, Discover wireless headsets give you the range you need.

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