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6 Factors Before Choosing A Wireless Headset For Polycom Phone


6 Factors Before Choosing A Wireless Headset For Polycom Phone

Posted by Drew Merritt on Jun 16, 2016 3:49:19 PM
Drew Merritt
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With all the different headsets to choose from for your Polycom phones, the question becomes what is the right wireless headset for my polcom that is 100% compatible?

There's 6 key factors that will go into choosing the right wireless headset for your polycom phone.

#1 Price

Lets address the biggest concern in the room and get it out of the way. PRICE! I feel very confident saying that everybody likes a deal. Am I right? That being said, your budget and needs with a wireless headset will be a huge decision maker. If you have an unrealistic budget for a new wireless headset, then exploring a refurbished wireless headset for your polycom phone would be a better option to consider. 

#2 Compatibility

Is this wireless headset going to work with my polycom phone? I would imagine this question would come up even before price. I can tell you, it's nice to order the correct headset the first time, instead of ordering the wrong headset, then having to go through a return.

#3 Warranty

I would be safe in saying warranty will be important for you. When it comes to electronics it's important to know how long the warranty is and what the warranty covers. Many times manufactures put a warranty on a product, then have very tiny writing saying it pretty much covers nothing. Then when you do go through the warranty process it's more of a headache than helpful. So, the warranty period with your wireless headset will be important.

#4 Wireless Range

Having a wireless range that will give you plenty of freedom to walk and talk is going to be a factor. Being handsfree and having the ability to move around without a wire is going to keep you up to 43% more productive. The longer the wireless range you have to move around the better.

#5 Connectivity

With the future moving towards more computer based applications for work, connectivity is huge! Do you want to be able to connect to your computer as well as your Polycom phone? Or is single connectivity suitable? In my opinion having one wireless headset for Polycom phone as well as my computer for anything relating to video conferencing, webinars, voicemails or even music is much more convenient. In addition, if your phone system changes to a computer application, you don't need to purchase a new headset.

#6 Remote answering capability

Being able to step away from your Polycom phone with a headset and still answer or end your phone calls, not only increases your productivity but also is more convenient. In my job I'm on the phone all day and I use the Discover D901 wireless headset on my Polycom IP 335. In addition, I use the D625 EHS cable, that allows me to walk around and still answer or end my phone calls up to 1200 feet! 


With these factors in mind, you can choose the right wireless headset for polycom phone that best fits your needs. Choosing the right headset the first time for your Polycom phone will save you time and hassle!


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