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5 Choices: Avaya 9620 Headset Compatibility Guide


5 Choices: Avaya 9620 Headset Compatibility Guide

Posted by Drew Merritt on Feb 24, 2016 4:02:17 PM
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Before choosing a headset for your Avaya 9620 we need to determine if you prefer a wired or wireless option. There is 5 options to choose from in the Discover headset line. Discover D901, D902, D903, D701 and D702. These are 100% compatible Avaya 9620 headsets.

We made this Avaya 9620 headset guide very easy for you to choose the best option for you. With studies done about headsets increasing productivity up to 43% and decreasing physical work related medical issues due to phone use for office workers, investing in headset is a smart choice. 

Follow the guide below on choosing and setting up your new Discover headset. Before we choose a Discoverâ„¢ headset for your Avaya 9620 phone, we need to consider these 3 factors.

  • Wearing style: convertible, over the ear or over the head
  • Wired or wireless
  • Accessories

Choosing the right Avaya 9620 headset wearing style is essential for your comfort. Those of you that use headsets will know exactly which type of wearing style fits you best. Others that don't know their preferred wearing style, can choose from 5 Discover headsets that look like a fit and try one free for 30 days.







Setting up your wireless Avaya 9620 headset

Included in the box with all Discover wireless headsets is: Charging base, phone cord, AC power adapter, battery, battery door cover, USB cable and the earpiece or headset.







  1. Start by installing your D903, D901 or D902 battery.
  2. Plug one end of the AC power adapter into a power strip or wall outlet. Plug the other end in the back of the Discover charging base.
  3. With the included phone cord. Plug one end in the back of the Discover charging base labeled with an icon of a phone/keypad. Plug the other end into the HEADSET port of your Avaya 9620.
  4. Provided with all Discover wireless headsets is an optional USB cable. One end plugs into the back of the charging base and the other end plugs into your PC, laptop or Mac. This gives you one headset for both your Avaya 9620 phone and PC needs. 
  5. You are setup and ready to use your Discover headset with your Avaya 9620 phone.

 Learn more about the importance of having PC connectivity with a desk phone headset.

Note: Do you want to be able to answer your phone calls remotely from the headset up to 1200 feet? You will need the Discover D627 EHS cable(sold separately). 

Getting familiar with your Avaya 9620 headset


















Setting up your Wired Avaya 9620 headset

Discover D701 or D702 are a great Avaya 9620 headset for your office or call center. You will save up to 50% vs wireless and have great sounding calls. Plus setup is plug and play!

  1. Unpackage your Discover D701 or D702
  2. Connect one end of your D107 HIC direct connect cable to your headset. Plug the other end into your Avaya 9620 HEADSET PORT. (you MUST have the D107 HIC cord for these headsets to work)
  3. Your headset is ready to use by pressing the HEADSET button on your Avaya 9620.











If you need an Avaya 9620 headset for your office or call center the Discover line of wired or wireless headset is a great option to consider and is 100% compatible. Feel free to contact us today for any additional questions.

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