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Best Call Center Headset


Best Call Center Headset

Posted by David Merritt on May 10, 2016 11:44:56 PM
David Merritt

Are you looking for the best call center headset? As a company dedicated to office headsets as our specialty we are always looking for the best headset options. A call center is unique because there are special demands that a typical office doesn't have.

The biggest concerns from our call center customers are they want the following features in a headset:

1) Compatible with their phone system
2) Comfortable for all day use
3) Sound quality so agents can clearly understand customers
4) Noise cancellation microphones 
5) Durability for high volume use
6) Value

Throughout the last 21 years of being in business we have tested almost every brand make and model of headset on the market as it is our job to be the headset experts. In all of the nit picky testing we have our pick on the best call center headset.


 Wired Option - VXI CC Pro 4021 Wired Headset

Why? VXI has built it's brand and reputation around the call center environment and they have arguably the best microphone. As with any call center customer satisfaction is high on the priority list and nothing is worse than customers hearing all the conversations around the agent and hardly hearing the agent. In all of our testing we found this headset to have the best features for the call center.

More detail: Overall in our opinion the CC Pro 4021 wired headset is the best call center headset because not only does it have the best microphone but it has excellent sound, super lightweight and comfortable, it's ultra durable and is backed by a 2-year warranty and the replacement units are even backed by a full 1-year warranty. All of these great features at an MSRP of about $120 makes the best value.

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Wireless Option - Discover D902 Wireless Headset

Discover_D902.pngWhy? The Discover headset allows you to connect to your traditional style telephone and also a PC/Mac computer. Many call centers are converting to a computer based softphone client causing many of their headsets to be obsolete. The Discover headset also runs on a technology called ECO Dect which allows the headset to have the furthest wireless range of up to 1200ft, it also allows you to get more headsets in close proximety which is common in most call center  environments.

More info: The D902 comes with a full 2-year advanced replacement warranty, it is extremely light weight, excellent sound quality, and batteries will last for a full 8 hour day, plus the MSRP is the lowest on the market. Overall the Discover D902 has it all that you could ask for in a wireless headset making it our best wireless headset option for the call center.

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And that's our list of the best call center headset, obviously every situation is different and sometimes require different products but for the standard solution these are the absolute best. Contact us if you have any questions or have special requirements that you would like to discuss we are the headset experts.

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