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Why Purchase Office Headsets? Consider A Headset Rental Instead


Why Purchase Office Headsets? Consider A Headset Rental Instead

Posted by Drew Merritt on Mar 27, 2016 3:00:39 PM
Drew Merritt
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Are you on a tight budget? Being on a strict budget can prevent you from getting the right equipment you need. Organizations who have employees taking inbound phone calls or making outbound phone calls, need an office headset. Studies show you are up to 43% more productive with an office headset vs. using your phone handset. 

The question becomes, out of all the equipment we need, how important are office headsets right now? Depending on your budget, deploying your staff with headsets could be out of reach if you were to purchase up front instead of rent. 

There's 3 key reasons you would consider a headset rental vs. purchasing.

  • You want maximum flexibility
  • Buying is out of reach for your budget
  • You want to avoid maintenance and other added costs

Why a headset rental program?

  1. No contract- no long term commitment, cancel anytime
  2. Easy upgrades and downgrades- freedom to adjust as your needs change
  3. Your warranty never expires- no more wondering if your headset is in or out of warranty
  4. All accessories are included- no extra purchase action required
  5. Reduces paperwork and approval needs

Being on a tight budget is hard to get the right equipment you need to keep your organization most productive. Going through a full office headset deployment can be expensive and time consuming for IT staff. 

First, research is done to figure out the best headset for your needs. Then the numbers have to be added up to see if a deployment of office headsets makes sense on your budget.  At that point getting the right headsets, could be out of reach.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, an all inclusive headset rental would be a smart option to consider.

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