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Discover D901 vs Plantronics CS510 Wireless Office Headset  Comparison Guide


Discover D901 vs Plantronics CS510 Wireless Office Headset  Comparison Guide

Posted by Drew Merritt on May 25, 2016 1:34:35 PM
Drew Merritt
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In our comparison guide we compare the the Plantronics CS510 against the new Discover D901. There's some unique benefits that the Discover D901 offers compared the to the Plantronics CS510. Let's jump right into our comparison on what we found.

If you prefer a video we have you covered. At the bottom of this guide is a video where you can watch and listen to Doug quickly present the differences!













The term "warranty" across many industries is used as a selling point. In many cases you feel secure when you hear that your product has a long warranty. In those unfortunate events where your product actually is defective, you then get to find out how a company handles their warranty. In my experience, it's a headache, a hassle and a fight just to get your defective product replaced with a lot of companies. 

In the case of both the Plantronics CS510 and the Discover D901, both have you covered. Plantronics offers a 1 year warranty and the Discover D901 offers a 2 year advanced replacement warranty. Meaning with both models, within that time frame, if your headset becomes defective you have a real warranty and the headset would then be replaced.

One main advantage of the warranty with the Discover, is the term "advanced replacement". Meaning within 2 years, if your headset is determined defective, that same day you would have a replacement on the way and a pre-paid shipping label emailed to you, in order to return the defective unit. 100% hassle free.


Both office headsets give you noise canceling microphones, which help eliminate noise in your background, that a caller would otherwise hear. Both sound great and there was no huge difference in how the microphones sounded in either model.

I would say the noise cancellation in both microphones help, but there is better. If you're in a very loud environment and you want your caller to hear you best as possible with HD sound, then you need the OfficeRunner.

Wireless Range












When you choose a wireless headset, wireless range is going to be a factor in your decision. There is a clear distinction between both of these models. The Discover D901 gives you 1200 feet of wireless range, vs the Plantronics CS510 giving you 350 feet of wireless range.

In many cases 350 feet of wireless range will be acceptable. In other cases having the longest range possible would be a huge benefit. 


Discover operates on ECO DECT technology and Plantronics operates on DECT technology. Both will give you secure communication, which is great! The main advantage about ECO DECT, is how the power operates. Meaning if you leave your headset off the charging base and come in the office the next morning, you will still have a full charge in your battery. 

If you were to leave your Plantronics headset off the charging base overnight and come in the next morning, your headset would be dead and need to charge for 3 hours. 

Remote Answering Capabilities

Both models allow you to answer or end your phone calls with an added HL10 for Plantronics or an added DHL110 for Discover. Both are winners here! 













With the future moving towards softphones and more PC based communications, this category is very important! The great thing about the Discover D901, is the ability to connect to your office phone, as well as your PC, laptop or Mac. Incase you have the need for Skype calls, webinars, softphone calls, listening to voicemails or even music if you choose!

The Plantronics CS510 will only connect to your corded office phones. Plantronics does offer the Plantronics Savi W710, which you would need to upgrade, in order to have the computer connectivity. 



There you have our comparison. Based off these comparisons, you can make a choice on what you believe would work best for you!



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