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Guide To Choosing The Best Headset for Office Phone


Guide To Choosing The Best Headset for Office Phone

Posted by David Merritt on Jun 15, 2016 7:17:02 PM
David Merritt

Office headsets can be a bit confusing when it comes to which headset works for your office phone and that is within your budget. We're going to try to break it down to be as simple and easy as possible.

Now there are many different make and model of headsets you can choose from but we're going to give you what we believe to be the best options.

We will start with the wired options. Scroll down if you want to view the wireless options.

First we will start with the headset earpiece. We recommend the Discover D701 or D702 as it has a unique universal connector that allows you to connect to virtually any amplifer or direct connect cable, plus it comes with a 3 year advanced replacement warranty.

           Discover D701                                                                          Discover D702













Now beside the headset, you will need either an amplifier or what is referred to as a direct connect cable. How do you determine which one you need? The main way to tell is determine if your telephone has a headset button typically these will be VOIP telephones that have headset buttons.

Headset buttons look like this:







If your telephone does have a headset port then you would need to get this cable:

Discover D101 Universal Direct Connect Cable

Discover_D101__80083.1461194684.640.640.pngThis cable allows you to connect the Discover D701 or D702 wired headset into your telephone. Simply plug this cable into the "HEADSET" port of your telephone and then plug your Discover headset into the Quick Disconnect portion.




If you do not have a headset port then you would need to purchase an amplifier. In this scenario you only need the amplifier and not the D101 cable listed above.

AXT-981 Amplifier

Axtel_AXT-981_Amplifier__13243.1470431087.800.800.pngThe AXT-981 amplifier would allow you to connect the Discover D701 or D702 to any work telephone. Just un-plug the handset cable from the telephone and plug in this amplifier and your up and running.

Click here for the full technical specifications

Easily adjust volume for both the microphone and speaker with the spin on the dial plus you can push the headset button to easily switch between your standard handset or headset, or easily mute the amplifier with the mute button.



Wireless Headset Options

Now these wireless headsets will work on any of your office phones like Polycom, Cisco, Avaya, ATT, Panasonic, etc.. We highly recommend that you purchase a remote answering device along with your headset as it gives you the ability to actually answer/end calls without having to touch your telephone, which gives you the ultimate freedom.

Scroll down to find out the recommended remote answering device for your situation. 

OK.. Your wireless headset options would be from the Discover D900 Series wireless headsets.


The Discover headsets are great for many reasons including:

  • Simple and easy to use design
  • Compatible with your desk phone, PC, Laptop or Mac
  • D901 and D902 give you the longest wireless range on the market rated up to 1200 feet!
  • 2 year advanced replacement warranty for peace of mind


Everybody has different needs when it comes to headsets and that's why we have a variety of options, so you can find the headset that works best for you. 

With every Discover headset you will get these great features:

1) 100% compatible with your office phone
2) Dual connectivity PC & Phone (Use the headset for music, webinars, video calls, and of course your standard phone calls with just the push of a button)
3) 8 hours of continuous talk time (Plus only 45mins to recharge your battery)
4) Simple and easy to use
5) Lightweight and comfortable
6) Noise cancelling microphone
7) Standard 2-year advanced replacement warranty so your always up and running!

Wearing Styles:

Discover D903 Over-The-Ear Wireless Office Headset

Discover_D903-2.pngThe Discover D903 is an over the ear only model, which you will find to be the most comfortable headset that can be worn over the ear.

The most unique feature with the Discover D903 headset is that it has a consumer replaceable battery. Many headsets from other manufacturers do not have replaceable batteries, so that means you need to throw out your perfectly working headset and replace it with a new one just because your battery died.. That doesn't make sense to us!

Every ear is different that's why this headset comes with 3 different ear buds small, medium, and large so you can find the perfect fit for your ear.


Discover D902 Long Range Dual Speaker Wireless Office Headset



The Discover D902 is a lightweight binaural headset and has 2 speakers that provides full HD stereo sound, so you can focus in on the call and hear the caller very well. You can have it so the microphone is on either your right ear or left ear.

In addition, the Discover D902 gives you the longest wireless range on the market rated up to 1200 feet, which is about 2-3x more than the industry standard.








Discover D901 Single Speaker Long Range Wireless Office Headset


The Discover D901 is lightweight and comfortable and has a single speaker, which can be worn on either your left ear or right ear.

Just like the D902 you get the longest wireless range of 1200ft which in our testing we got 2-3 times the wireless range compared to similar models. When you get near the out of range you will get a beeping tone in the headset letting you know you have reached the range limit.






Why you need remote call answering

When it comes to remote answering I typically recommend them 99% of the time because afterall when your able to travel up to 1200ft away from your desk, the last thing you want to do is sprint back to your phone to answer your phone. 

Now the question is what remote answering accessory do you need? This can be a bit complicated depending upon which telephone model you have.

Generally speaking the Discover DHL110 Handset Lifter will work on almost any telephone. What the lifter does is when you push a button on your headset the lifter manually lifts your handset receiver off the hook to engage the call to your headset.

However, if you have a VOIP telephone from Cisco, Polycom, Avaya, Shoretel, etc.. you have the option of using something called an EHS (Electronic Hook Switch Cable), what this device does it instead of manually lifting your reciever, instead it electronically engages the call seamlessly.

Discover DHL110 - Handset Lifter

The DHL110 Handset Lifter works with 98% of corded office phones on the market.





The complicated portion:

Again if your telephone has a dedicated headset port, likely you can use an EHS cable however there are about 5 different cables for different models of telephones. Contact us today and we can help ensure you get a compatible solution.


Now that you know these office headsets aren't as simple as they look when choosing a model, feel free to try one out yourself, free for 30 days! All you need to do is click the image below and you can either read more, fill out a form to test one out yourself, or.... you can exit out and carry on with your day!

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