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How to get 2 headsets on one computer

Hook up 2 headsets to one computer

How to get 2 headsets on one computer

Posted by David Merritt on Mar 5, 2016 3:46:41 PM
David Merritt


Are you trying to connect 2 headsets to one computer? This blog will show you exactly how you can either connect 2 wired headsets or 2 wireless headsets to one computer.

Typically people try to plug in 2 seperate usb headsets into the computer and they need special software or some computer hacks to get that to work instead this blog will show you how you connect 2 wired or wireless headsets to one computer


Many people have the need for training or conferencing while using their softphone, video conferncing , skype,or other computer based communication platforms. Learn how you can use either wireless or wired headsets to connect them into one USB port of your computer.

We will start with the wireless option scroll down for the wired option

Step 1: Getting Started with the Wireless Option

Discover_D901.pngDiscover_D901.pngYou will need to start off with 2 USB wireless headsets that have the conferencing feature. In this example we will use the Discover series wireless headset as we have tested them and highly recommend them. You have the option of 4 different styles.
1) Discover D901 - Monaural/Mono
2) Discover D902 - Binaural/Duo/Dual
3) Discover D903 - Over the ear only
4)Discover D904 - Convertible over the head or over the ear

Step 2: Setup the headsets

The purpose of this blog is to show you how to use 2 headsets on one PC but if you want to see detailed instructions on how to install these headsets click here. Now once you have your headsets installed make sure the primary headset (the headset installed on the computer you want to use) is set to PC mode by pushing the button on the base.

Step 3: Engage the conference feature

Conference_Feature.pngNow you will start the call with the primary headset, then you will take the secondary headset and drop it into the charging cradle(base) of the primary headset, let it set in the charging cradle for 3 seconds then remove the secondary headset from the primary headset cradle. That's it! Now both headsets are connected to one computer both can talk and listen, you can choose to use the mute function on either headset if you want to mute the microphone.




Now for the wired option

Step 1: Getting started with the wired headset option

Conference_Feature_1.pngIn order to get 2 headset to work with one computer what you will need is 2 Discover D701 wired headsets and 1 USB adapter. You can see the full bundle on our website by clicking here





Step 2: Connecting the bundle together

what you will need to do is connect the USB adapter into the computer then connect both the wired headsets into the adapter. That's it! This will allow you to use 2 headsets on one computer for your softphone, skype, video conferencing, and even webinars.

The wireless or wired options are both great it just depends on what your budget is and what your requirements are. My favorite option is wireless so I can monitor my sales reps calls wirelessly up to 1200ft away from their desk (one of the unique features to the Discover D901/D902 headset). However if your looking for an affordable way to connect then the wired option will save you around 50% versus the wireless.

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