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If Your Conference Phone Isn't Cutting It, You Might Need Extension Microphones


If Your Conference Phone Isn't Cutting It, You Might Need Extension Microphones

Posted by Doug Merritt on Sep 26, 2016 6:24:48 PM

Conference phones are a common fixture in most any conference room today. 

Gathering everyone into a room to collaborate makes more sense than to disburse everyone in all directions fighting their way on to airplanes, shuttles, hotels and more.  Also, from a dollars and sense point of view, save the money and jump on to a conference call.  It’s quick and far more affordable while allowing meetings to take place and the job to get done.

Now that you’ve settled in on the idea of using a conference phone and things are going great.  You suddenly find yourself with a group that’s a bit larger than normal.  Thoughts are swirling around your head like soft serve ice cream. 

  • Is the phone adequate to handle all the people?
  • Will everyone be able to be heard?
  • Will we have to do a lot of repeating our comments?
  • Am I going to lean over the conference phone in order to be heard? How's that going to work out with a large group?
  • Hey, am I going to lose my job over this?

Your eyes are crossing your knees are becoming weak and the room’s beginning to spin out of control.  Suddenly reality smacks you in the face like a fish just out of the icy waters of the Atlantic.  Hey, I forgot about the extension microphones that you can get for the conference phone.  Smart, very smart. 

Yes, many conference phones today have the ability to add a pair of optional extension microphones to the main unit.  Why would you do that you ask?  Simple Dexter, to gain more microphone reach which will allow you to have more people on your conference call. 

Without sufficient microphone coverage you’ll have issues such as people not being heard, people having to repeat themselves, people feeling the need to lean over the conference phone and yes, the risk of being singled out as the person who didn’t get things together properly prior to the launch of the conference call.

Conference phones without these optional microphones are perfectly fine to use if within the specifications.  How many people can be accommodated by a base unit alone does vary from brand to brand.  For example, a Polycom sound station has a microphone pick up distance that’s rated up to 10 feet. 

A Polycom voice station is rated up to 7 feet.  By comparison, a Konftel 250, 300 or 300Wx are all rated up to 20 feet.  Looking at these numbers alone would suggest that the Konftel brand would allow you to use those units with a larger group over the Polycom. 

For a Polycom sound station to have the same reach as a Konftel, you’d likely need to add the optional extension microphones.  So yes, differences in microphone range does exist so you’ll want to check the specifications on your unit to determine if optional mics will be needed for your group.


Have questions on conference phones?  Contact us today.  You can even stop by our website that has a lot of good information.  Otherwise, we’re here to help you in any way we can.  We’ve been helping companies of all sizes for over twenty years and I know we can help you too.  We have conference phones for small, medium and large groups in both wired and wireless models.