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Plantronics C052 Troubleshooting Guide


Plantronics C052 Troubleshooting Guide

Posted by Drew Merritt on Jun 28, 2016 5:59:02 PM
Drew Merritt
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If you turn your Plantronics charging base upside down and it says C052, then you either have a Plantronics CS510 or Plantronics CS520. In either case troubleshooting both headsets will be the same.

Below is 5 common troubleshooting questions and how you go about fixing them.

1) My battery won't hold a charge as long as stated

On average your battery in your Plantronics CS520 or Plantronics CS510 (C052) will last 1-2 years. So, if you've had your headset around this time frame but haven't replaced your battery, then a good start would be to replace your 65358-G battery. (follow our Plantronics C052 battery replacement guide)

If you ordered a new headset and just received it but are experencing the battery not holding a charge as stated, then try switching the setting to narrowband. On the back of the C052 charging base you will see a switch that has an icon of an arrow point to the left and the right. Take a pen and slide that switch over until it shows the black icon. 

If neither of these troubleshooting steps work, you will either need to order a new headset or have your headset replaced under your warranty period.

2) I can't hear a dial tone in the headset 

There is a number of reasons you may not be hearing a dial tone right now. If you don't want to read and prefer immediate help contact our support team. We're glad to help.

First, we need to make sure your headset is connected properly. Some phones have headset ports and others don't. If your phone has a headset port, start by plugging your headset there. At that point you may need to change the compatibility switch on the bottom of charging base labeled A-G. Try each one of those letters to see if you get a dial tone.

If you still have no dial tone, follow the quick steps below.

  1. Unplug your handset coil cord from the base of your phone.
  2. Plug your headset phone cord into the HANDSET port of your phone.
  3. In the middle of the headset phone cord is black box. Plug your HANDSET coily cord into this black box.
  4. Turn your CS520 headset on and pick up your handset off the phone. You should now have a dial tone
Note: In order to answer or end phone calls from your C052 headset, you will need an EHS Cable or HL10 lifter, depending on your phone. This accessory is sold separately.

3) I hear static

Start by moving your charging base further away from your computer and phone. If you're out of range of your charging base, start moving closer to your base to see if anything changes. 

4) I hear echo 

This is the number one question we get asked. Many times customers think a headset is defective when there's an echo. In most cases the volumes need to be adjusted to get rid of echo. Follow the steps below in order to stop the echo on your Plantronics C052!

  1. Start by turning you telephone volume down to about half way
  2. On the bottom of your charging base, turn your microphone and speaker control to setting 2
  3. If you messed with the A-G switch, start at A and see if the echo goes away

Once you adjust these volumes back to the manufacture settings, the echo should be gone. At that point start increasing your volumes one level at a time until you're at a setting that works best for you.

5) I use an HL10 lifter but it won't raise

Unplug and re-plug your lifter back in and press firmly to make sure it fully connects to the base. If that doesn't work, unplug the power from the base, let it sit for 20 seconds and re-plug the AC power back in. If neither of these steps work, you could have a defective lifter or charging base, it's hard to know until you try a replacement. 


If you need any further assistance with your Plantronics C052, feel free to contact us!

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