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Plantronics CS50 Troubleshooting Guide


Plantronics CS50 Troubleshooting Guide

Posted by Drew Merritt on Mar 28, 2016 2:25:41 AM
Drew Merritt
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Follow our Plantronics CS50 troubleshooting guide to get your headset back up and working how it should! In many cases, these troubleshooting steps will get your Plantronics CS50 working right.


1. My headset won't turn on

In this case, we will start by pairing our earpiece back with the charging base

  1. Place your CS50 earpiece in the charging base
  2. On the back of the charging base you will see a "+" and "-" sign with two buttons
  3. Press and hold the "+" and "-" sign at the same time until the red light on the front of the charging base starts blinking red, then release your fingers
  4. At the top of your CS50 earpiece, take your finger from the ceiling and press straight down on the mute button (located at the top of the earpiece) and hold until a solid green light appears, then release your finger
  5. Wait until the red light goes back to solid red and the green light on the earpiece turns off. 
  6. Your headset is now paired and should turn on







Note: your earpiece must be a CS50. If you are trying to pair a CS55 earpiece with a CS50 charging base, the two will not pair together.  

2. I can't hear the caller and the caller can't hear me

In this scenario we need to start by making sure our headset phone cord is plugged into the right spots.

  1. Make sure your headset phone cord is plugged into the back of the charging base and not the front
  2. If you're using an HL10, you need to make sure the other end of the phone cord plugs into the HANDSET port on the base of your office phone
  3. If you aren't using an HL10 and your phone has a designated HEADSET port, that is where the other end of the phone cord should be plugged in
  4. At this point if we still can't get a dial tone, follow Plantronics CS50 troubleshooting step number 1. If your headset is paired, then you may need to change the compatibility switch on the left side of the charging base. This switch looks like you can take a screw driver and turn it. Start at number one and go through each number until you hear a dial tone.

3. I'm getting a loud echo of my own voice

Typically when you get an echo it has to do with to many volumes to high.

  1. Turn your CS50 charging base upside down. You will see a switch that is labeled A,B,C,D. Make sure this setting is on letter B (this is your master microphone volume control).
  2. Set your phone to 50% volume
  3. Set your charging base down and go to the back of the charging base. Set the switch labeled 1-4 to setting 3 (this is your master hearing volume control).
  4. If the echo still isn't gone, go to the back of your CS50 charging base and click the mic volume down 2 times. 

Note: It helps to turn all your volumes to low settings, then bringing them up slowly to a comfortable level for you without the echo.

4. I'm getting static and bad sound quality

Sometimes going through a full reset can get rid of many call clarity issues.

  1. Unplug the AC power from the bottom of your charging base
  2. Remove the battery from the CS50 earpiece (located right below the speaker of your earpiece). The battery can be removed by pinching, pulling and wiggling, all in one motion on each side of the battery door cover. If the cover isn't coming off, a paperclip can help with this process.
  3. Unplug your battery and let it sit for 10 seconds
  4. Re-plug your battery and snap on the battery door cover back on
  5. Re-plug your AC power adapter and place your headset in the charging base
  6. Your earpiece is now fully reset and you can now see if this fixed bad call quality

5. My headset will no longer hold a charge

Your battery can be replaced! if you are noticing the battery life is significantly degraded or it will no longer turn on, you can save money by purchasing a battery here instead of a new unit. 


6. Why do I hear beeps in my headset?

  1. One beep every 10 seconds is an indicator that your battery is low. Recharge your battery
  2. Two beeps is an out of range indicator. Return close to your charging base
  3. Three rapid beeps every 15 seconds indicates your mute is on. Press mute button again to take your microphone off mute
  4. Three repetitive beeps indicates you have an incoming call. Only if you have an HL10 or EHS cable, you will get this functionality (sold separetely).

7. Callers complain they can't hear me

  1. Turn your charging base upside down and make sure the switch labled A,B,C,D is set to B.
  2. On the back of your charging base is a "+" and "-" sign for your mic volume. Click the volume up to a level more comfortable for callers. 
  3. If callers still complain that they can't hear you, try turning the setting on the bottom of the charging base to C.


If you have any questions after following our Plantronics CS50 troubleshooting guide, feel free to contact our support team

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