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Plantronics CS540 Troubleshooting Guide


Plantronics CS540 Troubleshooting Guide

Posted by Drew Merritt on May 9, 2016 5:38:48 PM
Drew Merritt
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Is your Plantronics CS540 headset acting up?! Follow our troubleshooting guide below and we will do our best to make sure we have a solution for you. Our Plantronics CS540 troubleshooting guide will address the most frequent asked troubleshooting questions.

Table of contents:

  1. My headset feels unstable or falls off
  2. Talk time is not as long as advertised
  3. Talk time is significantly decreased
  4. I can't hear a dial tone in my headset
  5. Why is there static in my headset
  6. My sound is distorted
  7. I hear echo in my headset

#1 My headset feels unstable or falls off

Included with your CS540 is a pack with a small, medium and large ear hook as well as a headband. If you are using the ear hook wearing style, first start by trying a different size that better fits your ear. Once you've found the correct size, you can now adjust the microphone in the correct position by pivoting the earpiece inward, resulting in the earpiece to fit more snug and the microphone to be closer to the corner of your mouth.

Most of the time by pivoting the earpiece inward, helps secure the headset on your ear better and correctly positions your microphone.

#2 Talk time is not as long as advertised 

On the back of your Plantronics CS540 charging base is a Wideband-Narrowband switch (looks like two arrows pointing at eachother). Switch this setting to narrowband (black) and see if the problem is resolved. If not, your unit could be defective and if it's within 1 year, you will be covered under warranty.

#3 Talk time is significantly decreased

When you first purchase a Plantronics CS540 the advertised battery talk time is up to 7 hours. If you've had your headset for over a year and start to notice it lasts 6 hours, then 5 hours, then 4 hours and so on, then chances are you need to replace your battery. Visit our instructions for Plantronics CS540 battery replacement. Otherwise you will need the 86180-G replacement battery.

#4 I can't hear a dial tone in my headset

  • Make sure your headset has a full charge (if you left your headset off the charging base the night before, you will have a dead battery the next morning)
  • If you're using an HL10, make sure the lifter height is lifting high enough in order to pick up a phone call. The height adjustment control can be found on the back of the HL10.
  • Adjust the A-G configuration switch on the bottom of your Plantronics CS540 charging base until you can hear a dial tone. Most of the time the setting should be on A but other times it has to be adjusted.
  • Adjust your volumes. You have three volumes that can be adjusted. Volume on your phone, earpiece and the bottom of your charging base with the icon of a speaker

#5 Why is there static in my Plantronics CS540?

Start by moving the charging base atleast 12 inches from your computer and 6 inches from your phone. If you continue to hear static, try reseting your headset. To reset your headset you will need to unplug the AC power from your charging base and remove your battery from your earpiece (follow our Plantronics CS540  battery replacementguide in order to remove your battery).

Keep both the battery and your AC power adapter unplugged for 20 seconds, then re-plug your battery and power back in. At this point the static should be gone.

#6 My sound is distorted or callers can't hear me clearly

When you have to many volumes turned up, in many cases you will start to receive bad sound quality. Follow the steps below in order to remove distortion.

  1. Start by turning your telephone volume down to 50%
  2. On the bottom of your CS540 or C054 charging base, change your microphone and speaker volume to setting 2. If these volumes are at a comfortable level for you and the caller, then keep the settings as is. If a caller says you're to quiet, then start by changing your microphone volume(icon of microphone on bottom of charging base) one at a time until the caller hears you properly. 

#7 I hear echo in my headset

Plantronics CS540 echo is the most common troubleshooting question I get asked! I know listening to my voice all day would drive me crazy, so I would imagine it could drive you crazy as well. Typically when you start experiencing echo with a wired or wireless office headset, a setting needs to be adjusted or your volumes need to be balanced out.

  1. Lower the microphone and speaker volume on the bottom of your CS540 charging base to setting 2.
  2. Set the compatiblity switch to setting A
  3. Turn your telephone volume down to 50% 

Now that you have your volumes back to the manufacture default settings, the echo should be gone. At this point adjust your volumes up one at a time between your earpiece, charging base and telephone, until you can hear and be heard clearly.


These 7 Plantronics CS540 troubleshooting tips should help get your headset working again. Many times when multiple employees share the same headset or if the headset is moved for any reason, these questions come up! 

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