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3 Step Plantronics CS55 Pairing Guide

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3 Step Plantronics CS55 Pairing Guide

Posted by Drew Merritt on May 10, 2016 3:07:07 PM
Drew Merritt
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Are you getting a 3 beep tone in your ear, when you press the on/off button of your Plantronics CS55 or Plantronics CS50? There's a chance your earpiece needs to be paired with the charging base. Follow our Plantronics CS55 pairing and Plantronics CS50 pairing guide below on how to quickly pair your earpiece back to the charging base.

Step 1

Press and hold the "+" and "-" buttons on the back of your Plantronics CS55 charging base. As you are holding your fingers, look on the front of the charging base until the red light starts to flash, then release your fingers.
















Step 2

On the top of your Plantronics CS55 earpiece 72195-03, press straight down and hold on the mute button until a solid green light appears on the earpiece, then release your finger.
















Step 3

Wait for the red light to go solid red and the green light to go out. Your Plantronics earpiece is now paired to the charging base. For help with installing your headset to your telephone, follow our Plantronics CS55 setup guide.
















Plantronics CS55 Pairing Troubleshooting FAQ

Q: The green light stays solid and the red light stays blinking

A: Your earpiece and charging base both must be model CS55. If the earpiece is a CS50 and the charging base is a CS55, then the two will not pair together. The model of the charging base will be on the very bottom and the model of the earpiece will be inside the battery compartment. Follow our Plantronics CS55 battery replacement guide, in order to remove your battery. 

Q: My headset now turns on but I still have no dial tone.

A: There could be a number of reasons you don't have dial tone. Follow these instructions below.

  1. Make sure your phone cord is plugged into the back of your Plantronics charging base, NOT the front.
  2. Are you using an HL10? the other end of your phone cord needs to plug into the HANDSET port on the base of your phone. The HANDSET cord would then plug into the front of your Plantronics base.
  3. If you're not using an HL10 and your phone has a HEADSET port, then you need to plug your headset phone cord into the HEADSET port of the phone. If this is your scenario, you may need to adjust the compatibility setting on the left side of your charging base. It looks like you can take a screw driver and turn this dial numbered 1-4. 
  4. If neither of these steps work call our support team for further instructions


We typically experience our customers needing to pair their earpiece back to the base when they've moved the headset to a different phone, or they ordered a replacement earpiece. Our Plantronics CS50 pairing and Plantronics CS55 pairing guide will help get you back to working hands free!

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