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Plantronics CS540 Setup Guide


Plantronics CS540 Setup Guide

Posted by Drew Merritt on Jul 29, 2016 6:15:30 PM
Drew Merritt
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If you need help with your Plantronics CS540 (C054) setup, then follow our Plantronics CS540 setup guide below!

What comes in the box?

  1. Plantronics_CS540_setup_contents.pngCS540 earpiece
  2. Charging base
  3. AC Power adapter
  4. Phone cord
  5. Headband
  6. Ear hooks/Ear gels





Step 1

Plug your AC power adapter into a wall outlet or power strip. Plug the other end into the back of your Plantronics charging base. You should see a solid white light appear on the front of the charging base, letting you know you have power.

Place your headset in the charging base and let it charge for 3 hours or until the battery light turns solid green.
















Step 2

Included with your headset is a phone cord. Plug one end of the phone cord into your Plantronics C054 charging base.
















Step 3

This next step is important so keep reading! Depending on what type of phone you have will depend on how you want to connect the headset. If your telephone DOESN'T have a HEADSET port then follow step A. If your telephone DOES have a HEADSET port then follow step B.

1A) Unplug your HANDSET from the base of your telephone and plug it into the black Plantronics box.
















2A) Now plug your headset phone cord into the HANDSET port of your telephone










1B) Plug your headset phone cord into the HEADSET port of your telephone










Your Plantronics cs540 setup is complete and you're ready to use your headset.

CS540 earpiece controls






Recommended accessories








If you want the wireless freedom to answer or end your phone calls directly from the CS540 headset, you will need either an EHS cable or an HL10 lifter. Depending on the make and model of phone you have will depend on which accessory you need. 

Contact us to ensure compatibility and we will be glad to help! Follow the video below to see how an HL10 lifter is installed. Otherwise follow our blog on what is a handset lifter.


Your Plantronics CS540 setup should only take minutes. After setup, just make sure you get a full charge in your battery the first time and you should be off and running. If you need any further help contact us and we will be here to assist. 

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