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3 Step Plantronics CS55 Setup Guide


3 Step Plantronics CS55 Setup Guide

Posted by Drew Merritt on Jul 29, 2016 12:17:48 PM
Drew Merritt
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Whether you currently have a Plantronics CS55 or you just ordered a new one. Follow our Plantronics CS55 setup guide to help you properly setup your headset.

Keep in mind, depending on the phone that you have will depend on how you want to connect your headset and what setting you might need to change. I will show you each way you could possibly connect your Plantronics CS55.

What comes in the box?










  1. Charging base
  2. AC power adapter
  3. Phone cord
  4. CS55 earpiece
  5. Ear hooks

Step 1

Start by plugging the AC power adapter into a wall outlet or power strip. Plug the other end into the bottom of your Plantronics CS55 charging base like the picture below. Once you have power, you should have a solid red light on the front of the charging base.

Place your CS55 earpiece in the charging base and let it charge for 1-3 hours to get a full charge. The orange light on the charging base will turn solid orange when fully charged.













Step 2

Included with your CS55 is a flat black phone cord. Plug one end into the back of your Plantronics CS55 charging base.
















Step 3

This next step is important, so keep reading! Depending on the phone you have will depend which way you will want to setup your headset. If you phone DOESN'T have a HEADSET port, then follow setup A. If your phone DOES have a HEADSET port follow setup B.

1A) Unplug your Handset from the base of your telephone and plug it into the FRONT of your Plantronics charging base.










2A) Plug your headset phone cord into the base of your telephone into the HANDSET port.










1B) Plug your headset phone cord into the HEADSET port of your telephone.










2B) When you plug your headset in through the HEADSET port of a telephone, you may be required to change the compatibility switch on the charging base depending on the make and model of phone you have.

Compatibility Switch

The compatibility switch looks like you can take a screw driver and start turning this dial. If you turn your headset on and you're not getting a dial tone, try changing this compatibility switch until you get a clear dial tone.















Let's become familiar with the headset controls






Optional accessory

If you want the freedom to walk and talk wire firee and have the ability to answer/end your phone calls directly from your headset, you will need the HL10 Lifter, which is sold separately. Follow the video above on how to properly setup an HL10 Lifter. 
















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Now if you have any further questions about your Plantronics CS55 setup, contact us! We would be glad to help you out further. Now, if it's coming time for you to consider a new office headset I want you to consider the new Discover D904 by clicking the image below.

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