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SOLUTION: Cisco SPA 303 Headset

Cisco SPA 303 Headset Solution

SOLUTION: Cisco SPA 303 Headset

Posted by David Merritt on Feb 9, 2016 5:23:58 PM
David Merritt

Are you looking for a headset that is compatible with your Cisco SPA 303 headset? Look no further as this blog will show you exactly which products will work and how they connect.


Wireless Headset Options:

 If your looking for a wireless headset for your Cisco SPA 303 telephone then you have the choice between these different wearing styles. If your looking for wired options scroll down.Monaural.png

Monaural is great for people who want to hear their surrounding as well as their phone call. Binaural is great for focusing on phone calls which can improve customer engagment and customer satisfaction. On ear is going to be the most comfortable over the ear option. Convertible is if your undecided on your wearing style you have the option to go over the head or over the ear. The following models have been confirmed to work:

1) Discover D901 - Monaural Wireless Headset Bundle
2) Discover D902 - Binaural Wireless Headset Bundle
3) Discover D903 - On Ear Wireless Headset Bundle
4) Discover D904 - Convertible Wireless Headset Bundle

We've bundled together everything needed to make it work just Click Here to see the wireless options. Scroll down for the wired options.

Once you've decided on the wearing style, now it's a matter of how to make sure it is compatbile with your Cisco SPA 303 telephone. Here's how they connect:

1) Start by unplugging the handset cord from the back of the phone.


Turn the phone over and unplug the handset coil cord from the back of the telephone, the handset cord will then be plugged into the wireless headset base as seen in step 2







2) Plug the handset cable into the Discover wireless base (Item 9 in image).

Back_of_D900.jpgPlug the handset coil cord that was unplugged from step 1 and plug it into the back of the headset location 9 on the image to the left.




3) Plug the rest of the parts that are included in the bundle.

Plugs_on_D900.jpgPlug the remaining parts and accessories that are included with the Cisco SPA 303 Wireless Headset Bundle. For example the DHL110 should be plugged into port 7, the Handset cord should be plugged into port 8, the power adapter should be plugged into port 6, and lastly the USB cable should be plugged into port 5. 





4) Plug the handset cord into the Cisco Phone.

SPA303-Handset-Cable.jpgPlug the second end of the handset cord into the back of the Cisco SPA303 telephone.







5) Install the DHL110 lifter directly under the handset.


Install the DHL110 directly under the handset.







6) Set the Discover base to the proper settings

Bottom_of_Discover_D900_Headset.jpgSet the toggle switch down to the RHL mode, this enables the lifter to opperate properly. Set the right side switch all the way up to the top setting, this switch allows the headset to work properly with the Cisco phone.




Wired Headset Options:


When it comes to wired headsets the configuration is a little bit different, this will show you exactly how these headsets are compatible with the Cisco SPA 303 phone. You will have the choice between these 2 wearing styles.

We've tested these headsets to be 100% compatible, and we've even made it simple to find  our bundled packages that contain everything you need for your Cisco phone just Click Here 

The models that are compatbile are:

1) Discover D701 Wired Headset Bundle
2) Discover D702 Wired Headset Bundle

Just like on the wireless headsets here's how these wired headsets will connect:

1) Plug the cable into the side of the telephone

Cisco_SPA_303_Headset_Adapter.jpgPlug the 2.5mm jack into the headset port on the right hand side of the telephone.






2) Connect the headset and the cable together

Connect_Discover_to_Cisco.jpgConnect the wired headset together with the Cisco SPA 303 headset adapter cable.





3) Connect the headset and the cable together


Now to use your headset all you have to do is just press the headset button to engage the headset.







 That's what headsets are compatible with your Cisco phone and exactly how they connect in a wireless and wired configuration. It's always important to ensure your using the correct headset with your phone so you can be sure it works properly and the above solutions have been tested and confirmed to work perfectly. If you have any questions at all please feel free to call our customer care at 800-683-5715.

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