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Co-Workers Can Be Loud. You Need A Noise Cancelling Telephone Headset


Co-Workers Can Be Loud. You Need A Noise Cancelling Telephone Headset

Posted by Drew Merritt on Jul 26, 2016 6:14:57 PM
Drew Merritt
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I recently just read an infographic that talks about the increasing need for employees to have a noise cancelling telephone headset (loud office noise is a productivity killer. get the right headset).

Many companies are switching their work environment from having offices and cubicles, to open space working environments. With employees trying to focus on their phone calls and the background noise only getting louder, this has created the need to have a noise cancelling telephone headset to reduce distractions and focus on the caller.

The only problem is... you don't know what's compatible! There's only one true pair of headphones designed for your corded telephones that will fully enclose your ears. 

Offices Before (1980's)








Offices Now (2016)






This noise cancelling telephone headset below will work with just about any corded office phone on the market today. Whether you have a Cisco, Avaya, Polycom, Nortel, Aastra, Shoretel, or AT&T telephone, this headset should work. Contact us for compatibility.

Meet the SHR2083-01 from Plantronics


The SHR2083-01 is the only office headset on the market that is designed to work with your corded office phones. The SHR2083-01 is a noise cancelling telephone headset that will fully enclose your ears to knock out that background noise!

This is a ruggedized headset that is built to be tough for the noisiest environments. In addition, the microphone reduces up to 80% of the noise in your background.

Not only will you have the ability to focus on the caller but the caller will be able to focus on you and not your dogs in the background barking, or your co-workers chattering around you.

If the SHR2083-01 is good enough for employees in the New York Stock Exchange and Landing Support Officers, then this headset is good enough for you!

New York Stock Exchange










Landing Support Officer








By now you should know this pair of headphone is the real deal for a noise cancelling telephone headset. If you want to see what the SHR2083-01 headphones looks like being worn, watch my quick video below. 0:58 seconds quick to be exact. 


Please read carefully! Before choosing this office headset, you will either need a direct connect cable or M22 amplifier. Out of the box this pair of headphones will not connect to anything. Depending on your telephone will depend if you need a direct connect cable or M22 amplifier. Contact us with the make and model of telephone you want to connect with and we can tell you for 100% certain what will work. 

Now you might be wondering what is a direct connect cord? Great question!

A direct connect cord is an accessory that connects your wired office headset to a telephone with a designated HEADSET port.

Keep in mind many of these direct connect cords look identical but they're wired differently in order to connect with a specific brand of telephone. Below is an image to reference.