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Top 10 Most Useful Plantronics Accessories For Your Office Headset


Top 10 Most Useful Plantronics Accessories For Your Office Headset

Posted by Drew Merritt on Feb 2, 2016 2:41:39 PM
Drew Merritt
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With the seemingly endless list of Plantronics accessories available, often times you might wonder what are the most important and commonly needed accessories? Or you might have come across an issue with purchasing an accessory that wasn't compatible with your Plantronics office headset. With so many different accessories that look similar but have different part numbers, we are going to get right into the 10 most important accessories to consider for your Plantronics office wired or wireless headset.


#1 Plantronics HL10 Handset Lifter

This is the number one accessory and that you should consider purchasing with all Plantronics wireless headsets. Without this accessory, you will need to manually answer your phone calls from your phone with no remote call answering. With the HL10 Handset lifter, you will be able to answer or end your phone calls from your Plantronics earpiece. 

#2 Plantronics EHS Cables

Plantronics EHS(Electronic Hookswitch) cables operate just like the HL10 handset lifter, which gives you remote answering from a Plantronics Wireless Headset. The main difference between an EHS cable and HL10 is the EHS cable answers your phone calls electronically through your phone vs. the HL10 manually lifting and lowering your handset. If your phone is EHS compatible we would always reccommend an EHS cable.

#3 Plantronics M22 Amplifier

This Plantronics accessory is very important if you plan on using a wired Plantronics headset. Any time you purchase a Plantronics wired headset, you will either need an M22 amplifier or a Direct Connect Cable. An M22 amplifier allows you to adjust your microphone volume as well as your hearing volume. Instead of yelling into your microphone or moving the microphone closer to your mouth, by a quick mic volume adjustment on the M22, callers will hear you much louder.

#4 Plantronics Direct Connect Cable

Just like the M22, a direct connect cable allows you to use a Plantronics wired headset with your office phone. This cable is sold separately as well. Many of these cables look similar, but internally are wired differently. The reason being, with many different makes and models of office phones, the wiring configuration is different for each. Depending on the office phone you have, will depend on what Direct Connect Cable you need. 

#5 Plantronics CS Series Battery (65358-G)

Before the Plantronics CS500 series wireless headsets were released, the Plantronics CS series was the most popular wireless headsets available. With many of the CS series still being used, the main replacement part needed is a 65358-G battery. Compatible models: Plantronics CS50/CS50 USB/CS55/CS351n/CS361n/CS510/CS520/W710/W720. 

#6 Plantronics CS540 Replacement Battery (86180-G)

Plantronics CS540 is the newest model of wireless headset that replaced the Plantronics CS50 and CS55. With this headset being the most popular model on the market today, replacement batteries will be needed. On average you will need to change out your battery every 1-2 years. If your Plantronics CS540 will no longer hold a 6-8 hour charge, then its time for a replacement 86180-G battery. This beats replacing the whole unit!

#7 Plantronics W740 Replacement Battery (84518-G)

The most important Plantronics accessories for a wireless headset is a battery. Over time these batteries wear out and they will have to be replaced. It's nice Plantronics made the Plantronics W740 battery replaceable as well. When the battery would be spent on previous models, Plantronics would require you to replace the whole headset! 

#8 Plantronics Spares and Replacement Parts

No matter if you need a replacement charging base, phone cord, power adapter, headband, ear cushions or ear tip pack, Plantronics made it replaceable. Mostly any part you need replaced on your office headset, can be replaced with Plantronics accessories. 

#9 Plantronics Online Indicator

This Plantronics accessory comes in handy when you have a wireless headset. When the online indicator is installed and you are on a phone call, a blue headset icon lights up. This tells others around you... Hey! I'm on a phone call. I know in many office environments this is a very useful Plantronics Accessory.

#10 Plantronics Y Adapter Trainer

Trainers and supervisors can monitor users calls with a Y adapter trainer. You can connect two Plantronics wired headset with the Y adapter trainer to listen in on phone calls. This helps trainers and supervisors monitor phone calls to coach as best as possible. 



When it comes to the 10 most important Plantronics accessories, this is our top 10 list. Many accessories look alike but are different. It's important to know the part number for each accessory you need, so you know you're getting the correct accessory for your Plantronics office headset.

For a full list of Plantronics accessories download the ultimate accessory guide today.

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