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Video: Discover™ D903 Vs. Plantronics CS530 Comparison


Video: Discover™ D903 Vs. Plantronics CS530 Comparison

Posted by Drew Merritt on Apr 5, 2016 6:39:55 PM
Drew Merritt
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We made a comparison for you with the highly rated Plantronics CS530 and the new Discover D903 wireless office headset. You can't go wrong with either model! We will compare and let you decide which model is the better value.

We compared 7 main key differences below.

1. Warranty

Many times the word "warranty" misleads consumers to feeling warm and fuzzy. Then when that unfortunate time arrives and a product becomes defective, you go to get a warranty replacement and it's more of a headache than helpful. In some cases it's not even worth dealing with the hassle and taking your loss. The Plantronics CS530 and Discover D903 warranty is real.

Discover D903- 2 year advanced replacement warranty. Meaning within 2 years if your headset is determined defective, that same day a replacement is shipped out and shipping is covered for the return. 

Plantronics CS530- 1 year warranty from the date of purchase from Plantronics. If your headset is determined defective, Plantronics will have you fill out a list of information for a return. At that point you would need to wait for the headset to be received from Plantronics until a replacement is shipped. You would also have to pay return shipping costs. 

2. Microphone

Discover D903 and the Plantronics CS530 have noise canceling microphones to reduce unwanted background noise in your environment that a caller would hear. In addition, both microphones are flexible, allowing you to bend them to your desired position. In this category, both would be equal.

3. Range

Range is an important factor with a wireless office headset. Many times, we get asked why a DECT headset instead of a Bluetooth headset? My answer to that is, two main factors below. 

The Discover D903 operates on ECO DECT technology and Plantronics CS530 operates on a DECT 6.0, both giving a range up to 350 feet. The key difference with ECO DECT is power consumption.

When the Discover D903 isn't in use, the power cuts off. If you forget to place your headset on the charging base, the next day you come into work, you  will still have a charge in your battery. If you were to duplicate the same scenario with the Plantronics CS530, you would have a dead battery.

  1. Bluetooth gives you around 33 feet of range vs. a DECT headset, depending on the model can give you up to 1200 feet
  2. DECT headsets will give you much better, more secure and more reliable sound quality vs. Bluetooth.

4. Battery

Discover D903- Within 45 minutes you will have a full charge in your battery. As well as a battery charge indicator on the top of the charging base. This indicator shows the battery charge in your earpiece, so you dont have to guess how much charge you  have. In addition, the battery is replaceable and will last you 1-2 years before needing to be replaced on average.

Plantronics CS530- Up to 3 hours for a full charge and a non replaceable battery. When the battery in this headset is no longer holding a charge, you must replace the earpiece. MSRP for this replacement headset is $189.99.  

5. Remote Answering Capability 

Discover D903 and Plantronics CS530 are 100% compatible with remote answering accessories. These devices will work with 98% of corded office phones on the market. For Discover you would need the DHL110 Handset Lifter and for Plantronics you would need the HL10. 

This feature is great for answering phone calls because you can have your headset on and be away from your phone up to 350 feet, and still answer/end phone calls. 

6. Connectivity 

Discover D903- Connects to 98% of corded office phones as well as your PC, Laptop or Mac. Many times office workers will have a pair of ear buds or headphones for listening to their voicemails, music, webinars or conference calls, as well as a headset for their office phone.

Having one headset for both platforms, that is simple and easy to navigate back and forth, clears clutter and makes life a bit easier.

Plantronics CS530- Connects to 98% of corded office phones on the market today but will not connect with your PC, laptop or Mac. You would need the Plantronics Savi W730 for PC/Bluetooth connectivity.

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You can't go wrong with either of these office headsets. Plantronics is a well known name brand, that has been around forever but the new Discover line of wireless headsets come fully featured. Now you can decide which model you would choose!


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