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Best Noise Cancelling Phone Headset


Best Noise Cancelling Phone Headset

Posted by Drew Merritt on Jun 13, 2016 6:53:52 PM
Drew Merritt
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Many times when it comes to office headsets, I get asked what is the best noise cancelling phone headset? Usually this question comes up for employees in louder environments like call centers or loud sales departments. 

Depending if you're connecting to a corded office phone, cordless phone or mobile phone will depend on the best headset solution for your needs.

Below is 3 of my best noise cancelling phone headset recommendations.

#1 Jabra Evolve 80 














The Jabra Evolve 80 is an awesome noise cancellation headset. If you handle your phone calls through a mobile phone, then I would highly recommend considering the Jabra Evolve 80. In addition, you can connect to your computer via USB. With the flip of a switch you can activate the noise cancelling feature to block out the unwanted background noise. You also, get a noise cancelling microphone boom to ensure your caller hears you loud and clear. 

If you want to learn more click the Jabra Evolve 80 picture above.

#2 Plantronics SHR2083-01













I wouldn't recommend this headset if you're on phone calls continuously for 8 hours or more a day. But if you're in a loud environment and need to cancel out the background noise the SHR2083-01 wired headset is a great choice. As you can see from the picture, the SHR2083-01 is a heavy duty ruggedized headset.

This model would be the best noise cancelling phone headset on the market if you use a corded office phone. There's not very many options to choose from under this category. Most of the noise cancelling headsets are either Bluetooth or connect to a mobile phone. The major downside is you're not wire free but the plus is you get a headset that fully knocks out your loud background nouse.

Keep in mind you will need either a direct connect cable or M22 amplifier depending on the application you want to use this headset with. 

#3 Discover D902














Do you prefer to be wire free? The Discover D902 wireless office headset has you covered. Unfortunately when it comes to a wireless headset or your office phone, there is no headset available with active noise cancellation or ear cushions to fully enclose your ears. Each wireless headset model across all the brands come pretty standard. 

That being said the Discover D902 is your best noise cancelling wireless phone headset for 4 reasons. This headset is going to reduce your loud environment as best as possible, it's lightweight for all day comfort, you get the longest wireless range on the market rated up to 1200 feet compared to 350 feet and lastly, you can connect to your corded office phone as well as your PC, Laptop or Mac. Computer use, we find is convenient for conference calls, webinars, video conferencing, voicemails or even listening to music. 

Visit our blog with 5 reasons your desk phone wireless headset must have PC connectivity to learn more.


Depending on your needs will vary to what headset you will need. I can't say one headset is the best, because each has their strengths and each is built for different users in mind. You can be the judge from here what fits your needs best!

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