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4 AWESOME Wireless Office Phone Headset


4 AWESOME Wireless Office Phone Headset

Posted by David Merritt on Jun 17, 2016 6:43:25 PM
David Merritt

Whether you're looking for you first wireless office headset, or you're looking to upgrade from your current headset, check out these 4 awesome wireless office phone headsets!

When you think of a headset that you use for work, there are some specific demands that the headset must have in order to get your job done effeciently. 

  1. Price - Has to be priced right
  2. Compatbile - It must work with your office phone
  3. Battery Life - It should last for a full work shift
  4. Comfortable - You are going to be wearing it most the day might as well be comfortable!
  5.  Distance - What's the point of wireless if you still can't get outside your office space.
  6. Simple to Use - If you have a headset that you can't figure out how to use why buy it?
  7. Warranty - You want to preserve your investment and have a long warranty

With all these factors considered there is one wireless headset series that not only meets these specifications but exceeds them.

All of the headsets below have the absolute best value, meet all the above expectations and to up the ante even more, they also connect to not only your office phone, but you can also listen to your computer (Music, webinars, skype etc..) completely wirelessly up to 1200ft!!

#1 Discover D901 Long Range Wireless Office Headset










When it comes to a headset that you wear over your head, the Discover D901 is the best headset option because it's not only ultra lightweight and comfortable, but it also has the longest wireless range on the market (1200ft up to 2-3x the range vs compareable models).

Here's the main advantages of a Discover D900 wireless headset:

  1.  Flexible, lightweight and comfortable wearing options for every type of user
  2.  Compatible with 98% of corded office phones and 100% compatible with your PC, Laptop or Mac
  3.  9 hours of battery talk time on a single charge (Or Music listening to Time.. Now that's a lot of Justin Beiber you can listen to!)
  4.  Longest wireless range on the market rated up to 1200 feet (D901 and D902 only)
  5. 2 year advanced replacement warranty for peace of mind
  6. Extemely simple and easy to use just plug and play, answer or end calls with just the push of a button

#2 Discover D902 Long Range Wireless Office Headset


The Discover D902 is very similar to the D901 other than this model has 2 speakers and is ideal for louder working environments. Plus with the standard ECODECT technology it allows you to really increase the volume so you can hear your callers clearly.

Why would someone need dual speakers? Typically our customers who work in call centers will use these types of headsets because there is a lot of noise and it makes it hard to hear the customer.

Other industries also include IT people who work in loud server rooms,  new open office environments, work in a manufacuturing facility, and much more.

Standard with these headsets is a built in noise cancelling microphone so customers or clients on the other end of the call won't hear all the noise in your environment.

#3 Discover D903 Over-The-Ear Wireless Office Headset



When it comes to a headset that you want to wear strictly over the ear the Discover D903 is one of the most comfortable earpieces on the market. This is my headset of choice beacuse it is extremely comfortable and I don't have to mess up my perfectly styled hair...

Other models on the market don't have a replaceable battery and have 33% less battery talk time. The Discover D903 DOES have a user replaceable battery and has 33% more talk time than other models! Sounds better to me, what do you think?

This headset has all the same technology as the D901 and D902 however one thing it is lacking is the ultra long wireless range. They were not able to fit the long range antenna in this headset, however you will still have up to 350 feet of wireless range, which is ideal for many working environments.

Another great feature on this series is the battery life meter. You will always know how full of a charge the headset has, and the battery has a quick charge feature so it charges in only 45minutes where other batteries take 2-3 hours to fully charge. 


#4 Discover D904 Convertible Wireless Office Headset




The most commonly purchased headset is the convertible headset, being that you can pick your preferred wearing option between a headband and ear hook. This makes purchasing a headset for users much easier. You don't need to find out the wearing preference of every employee, you just purchase one convenient model that everyone can use. It makes sense and the Discover D904 is a great option for that.

The Discover D904 has all the great features the other models above have and just like the Discover D903, you don't get 1200 feet of wireless range but you do get up to 350 of wireless range and a user replaceable battery.

Lastly, the Discover D904 has a unique feature that could come in handy for many users. On the charging base is a compartment for a spare battery that can be purchased and charged at all times. Meaning, you can easy swap your battery and have a battery charging at all times. This feature ultimately gives you a battery that will never be dead, no matter how many hours you're on a phone call




Optional Accessories

There's two accessories you should highly consider. If you want to have the wireless freedom to answer or end a phone call on your headset, while you step away from your telephone, you will need either a DHL110 handset lifter






or EHS (Electronic Hookswitch) Cable. Just like the DHL110, an EHS cable gives you the functionality to answer or end phone calls from your Discover wireless headset while multi tasking.








The main difference is, an EHS cable is compatible with specific phone models and answers the call electronically through your phone vs. having a mechanical device that lifts up and down like the DHL110.

Whether you have a Polycom, Cisco, Avaya or Shoretel phone, it will depend what EHS cord you need for your phone. Contact us with the make/model of your phone and we can ensure compatibility.


Overall, these 4 Discover D900 wireless office headsets work great for just about every users preference. Now if you're in the market for a new wireless office headset, all you need to do is take your pick on which model fits best with you!

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