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Everyone Wins When You Invest In A Wireless Customer Service Headset


Everyone Wins When You Invest In A Wireless Customer Service Headset

Posted by Drew Merritt on Jul 11, 2016 5:35:05 PM
Drew Merritt
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From a case study that I recently read from Jabra, I found the improvements from switching from wired headsets to wireless headsets to be shocking. Not only are you saving money in the long run, but employees and customers were also happier. To reference the Jabra case study, click here.

How is this a win for everyone? Let me tell you why!


The percentage of support agents who were satisfied with the comfort of their headsets went from 56.8% to 100%. That's a 43% overall increase! Cords are no longer getting in the way, the quality of the headsets will be better and now anyone switching over to wireless has the freedom to walk and talk wire free. 

Less transfered calls

From the Jabra case study, there was a 63% improvement of calls not being transferred. Calls transfered went from 21.5% to only 8%! Being wire free allowed the customer service agents to walk to their supervisor to get a quick answer vs. having to transfer the call.

Increased morale

Supervisors found that it was easier to monitor and assist agents by having the wireless freedom to walk around, while still having the ability to answer and end phone calls. In addition, the agents were happier and more satisfied with wireless headsets which spilled over into the quality of their service to the customers. 


Employees are more happy and satisfied, customers get better service which leads to repeat business and management can assist and train better, knowing the phone call will be answered at all times.

Up front investing in a deployment of wireless headsets can seem costly. Although the upfront cost may seem expensive, you're actually saving money in the long run. When customer service reps have the freedom to walk and talk with a wireless customer service headset, you will see these 4 benefits:

  1. Declined talk time per phone call, resulting in more phone calls being taken and faster answers a customer service rep can relay to a customer
  2. Happier employees who feel appreciated which spills over to the quality of customer service which then creates happier customers
  3. Less calls transfered because reps can now easily get up and directly talk with a supervisor for faster answers
  4. Increased comfort vs. being tethered to the desk

If you see the benefits in deploying wireless headsets but just don't have the budget, have you considered a rental program? This could be the ideal situation for you to get the headsets you really need.

Learn more about our headset rental



Now that we know the benefit of what customer servics reps can expect from wireless headsets, lets take a look at 3 wireless customer service headsets that is ideal for just about any agent.

What type of wireless headset do customer service agents needs? These headsets need to be comfortable, simple and easy to use, sound great and have a long wireless range.

Discover D900 Wireless Headsets







Discover wireless headsets are ideal for customer service reps. This line of wireless headsets have a model designed specifically for every user. To make it simple, you have 3 choices: Over the ear, over the head covering one ear and over the head covering both ears.

Each model has the same exact features and the same exact charging base, other than the D901 and D902 will give you longer wireless range, rated up to 1200 (check out the blog on what makes these long range wireless headsets go further) feet vs. the D903 that gives you 350 feet of wireless range. Sounds really simple right? Below are the features and benefits you can expect

  • Up to 9 hour battery talk time on a single charge
  • Simple and easy to use design, you're connected in minutes
  • Compatible with 98% of corded office phones and 100% compatible with your PC, Laptop or Mac
  • D901 and D902 are rated up to 1200 feet of wireless range. D903 is rated up to 350 feet of wireless range
  • All models include a 2 year advanced replacement warranty for peace of mind

For proper installation follow our 4 minute video by clicking here.

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