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You Get More When You Purchase A VTech Conference Phone


You Get More When You Purchase A VTech Conference Phone

Posted by Doug Merritt on Sep 28, 2016 1:57:31 PM

 When in the market for a new analog conference phone, you’ll want to consider the VTech VCS704.  Vtech conference phones are somewhat new to the conference phone arena, but VTech as a company is no stranger to manufacturing phone products.  In fact, it’s been reported that VTech is the world’s largest phone manufacturer which gives them the background to enter into this crowded market. 

Doing some preliminary research on conference phones and it takes only a moment to see brands such as Polycom, Konftel, ClearOne or  RevoLabs to pop up.  VTech, though new to business audio conferencing, offers three models in their line.

VTech VCS702


The Vtech VCS702 was introduced after the VCS704.  The VCS702 provides a few very attractive things.  First, this is a wired conference phone but includes two wireless microphones that provide up to 12 hours of talk time.  The microphones stow and recharge in bays found on the conference phone base.  Once charged, you can leave them stowed or you can easily remove them for placement where you desire.  The other thing that’s attractive is the price at $350.00 MSRP. When compared to other models in this class, the Vtech VCS702 is priced less though it offers unique features not found on models costing more.  Lastly, the Vtech VCS702 comes with a very nice two year warranty.




VTech VCS704VTech_VCS704.jpg

Like the VCS702, the Vtech VCS704 comes with a two year warranty and an attractive price point.  The 704 upgrades the microphones to a quantity of four vs. two on the 702 model.  This gives you more microphone pick up, the ability to accommodate a larger group and added configuration options not otherwise available on traditional models such as Polycom.  With an MSRP price of $499.00, this is a value that needs to be considered if you’re in the market for an affordable wired analog conference phone.

VTech VCS754



The Vtech VCS754 is the SIP version of the Vtech VCS704.  As such, the Vtech VCS754 offers four (4) wireless microphones and the same warranty.  The key difference between them is the Vtech VCS704 is designed to be used with an Analog/PSTN phone line where the 754 model is a voice over iP/SIP product.  As with the other Vtech conference phones, the VCS754 represents an excellent value if you’re in search for an affordable SIP conference phone product.

So when shopping around for a new conference room phone, don’t stop your search once you come upon the models available from the more well-known conferencing companies.  The audio conferencing phone industry is expanding with more choices coming to market.  Some of these choices offer uncommon features, longer warranties and prices easier on your budget.  A Vtech conference phone, in particular the VCS702, VCS704 and VCS754 are all models worth checking out.  By doing so, you just may end up discovering a new brand of conference phone the offers you a better value and a great conference experience.


If you have questions about Vtech conference phones or other brands, we’re here to help.  Merritt Communications has been providing headsets and conference solutions for over two decades.  We know our business and we’d love to help yours.  We can provide you with information or even a free no cost, no obligation in-office demonstration of a conference phone.  No pressure and the shipping’s on us too.  So give us a call today or send us a quick email.  Otherwise, feel free to scout around our website as we have a lot of good information for you.  Merritt Communications where conferencing is made easy!