1 new tool to fight noise in the Call Center

man in office bothered by loud coworkers

man in office bothered by loud coworkers

Call Center Managers understand the problems that office noise can cause.

  • Loss of concentration
  • Lower worker productivity
  • Worker and Management frustration
  • Turnover
  • Physical ailments such as headaches, elevated tension and more

Noise, who likes noise? Answer? Nobody, especially if you work in a large, busy Call Center. Like with many things, when you factor in differences of human beings, some will be more sensitive to office noise than others. Reactions to office noise can be more evident such as regular complaints of headaches or reactions can be more subtle such as ongoing agitation or irritability. Neither work to promote a healthy work environment. So what can you do to help drive down the decibel levels and drive up worker productivity and satisfaction?

JABRA NOISE GUIDE….See noise levels fall, feel productivity riseJabra Noise green, orange, red

Jabra recently introduced a new product designed specifically for the Office and Contact Center environments.  The Jabra Noise Guide is a portable device designed to assist Managers by monitoring the decibel levels within the office environment and then to display the current conditions real-time visually.  This device shows you when you’re within your desired decibel level or, it will change color from Green to Orange should the noise level elevate to the next level beyond what you deem acceptable. Finally, it will turn from Orange to Red if the sound levels have reached or exceeded your highest threshold.

3 configurations of Jabra Noise Guide graphic

The Jabra Noise Guide can be placed on a desk, fastened to a desk or attached to the top of a cubicle.  Each device monitors an area of approximately 15 square feet so they can be placed in certain areas or populated throughout the work environment to provide you with constant feedback as to the sound levels stemming from your Call Center.

Management Tool. The Noise Guide provide Managers with a tool to help monitor and control room noise.  When the Noise Guide displays Orange or Red, the Manager has the ability to know that noise is on the rise and to manage the levels back down.

Downloadable data.  You have the ability to record and display data going back three months.  Additionally, the unit comes with a removable USB drive where data is captured and is transportable to a PC for downloading. Noise Guide comes with special software called SoundEar 3 for data analysis.

Customize your levels. You have the ability to increase or decrease the noise sensitivity so you’re in control of the levels when it changes color. The unit comes preset for a noisy office but through the software it can be modified.

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