2017 Headset Recommendations for Office, Call Center and Remote Workers

Young woman wearing a headset in a call center office

Headsets for how you work

Young woman wearing a headset in a call center office

Anyone who works in an office and spends time on the phone understands the value of a headset. Not only do you get the great benefits of being hands free, wire free and mobile, but you also have the ability to answer calls when away from your desk which helps to make you more productive while helping to prevent on-the-job work related injuries. The benefits of using an office headset are universal though there’s a lot of variation in the devices everyone’s connecting headsets to. No longer are headsets simply used with telephones.

This Blog is intended to point out the different ways in which office headsets are being used today, and also to provide solutions based on the different devices headsets are being connected to. The headset solutions provided are reputable products known to be compatible.

graphic showing the different devices headsets connect to

magnifying glassLet’s have a look at all of these and see which headset works with them!

Graphic showing headset connection icons with desk phone check marked

DESK PHONE CONNECTIVITY. This is perhaps the most common device that headsets are used with. Many companies use Analog phones while others use Digital, Centrex or Voice over iP (Voip). Wired and wireless headsets work with any of these types of phones whether single or multi-line models. Below is a brand of headset that works very well with any of these phones and is designed for those who need a headset for their office phone only.


Discover D711 Monaural wired headset

Discover D711 Monaural wired headset

The Discover D711 is a great sounding, comfortable wired headset that’s reasonably priced and comes with a 3 year advance replacement warranty. In order to connect this headset to one of the phones mentioned earlier, you’ll need to order a lower connector cord designed for your phone as they’re brand specific. If your phone doesn’t have a headset port, then you’ll need a D200 amplifier base to make the phone connection to the handset port. As a footnote, if you prefer a double ear model versus a single ear, the Discover D712 is what you’ll want.


Discover D901 monaural office wireless headset

Discover D901P Long Range Wireless Headset

Not only is the Discover D901P compatible with your office desk phone, but it gives you a lightweight great sounding headset and it offers the longest wireless talk range in the industry. Most wireless headsets provide a wireless range up to 350 feet. The Discover D901P gives you up to 1200 feet which is three times further! For answering incoming phone calls when away from your desk, you’ll need an optional DHL110 handset lifter accessory or, if your phone is compatible, an Electronic Hookswitch Cable (EHS Cable). The specific EHS cable needed depends on the make and model of your phone. Want to know more?  Contact us today and we’ll be glad to answer all your questions.

graphic showing devices headsets connect to with check marks in desk phone and PC

DESK PHONE & PC CONNECTIVITY. With business applications for the PC on the rise, many individuals are in need of one headset for both desk phone and PC. A few examples of PC based applications that’s driving this need include webinars, desktop video conferencing such as Skype for Business or even listening to music while working. All these activities are causing Office Workers to want one headset capable of handling everything phone and PC related.


Discover D711 Monaural wired office headsetDiscover D110 QD to USB converter cable

Discover D711 Monaural Wired Headset & Discover D110 QD to USB Cable

The D711/D110 bundle allows you to use one headset for your desk phone calls as well as for webinars, video calls, music and more. Comfortable, stylish and great sound combined with an industry leading 3 year advance replacement warranty makes this an attractive product to consider. If you prefer a double ear model, then look at the D712.


Discover D901 wireless headset

Discover D901 Long Range, Dual Connection Wireless Headset

Having one headset for multiple jobs is not only convenient but efficient. The alternative is to purchase two separate headsets and then begin the routine of plugging, unplugging and switching between headsets as needed. By contrast, a dual connection headset allows you to leave the headset on and when you want to switch over to PC or Desk Phone call, you just press a button. It’s quick and easy and makes navigating across different platforms a breeze. Also available in double ear, D902 and on-the-ear, model D903.

icons of devices headsets connect to with check marks over desk phone, PC and Bluetooth

DESK PHONE, PC & BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY. Though the options are pretty limited, there are headsets available that can connect to your desk phone, PC and also to Bluetooth devices. These triple connectivity products, as you might expect, are more expensive than their less featured and lower priced counterparts. Still, if you have need for all three connections, then a triple connection headset could be just the product you’ve been looking for.


Plantronics MDA200 with Blackwire C700

This product combination is unique among wired headsets in that it allows you to use one wired headset for desk phone calls, PC applications and even Bluetooth connectivity. Simple setup and easy to use, the MDA200 and Blackwire C700 series makes for a versatile and very affordable headset combination.


Plantronics Savi 700 Series Wireless Headset

If you have need for a headset that connects to your desk phone, PC and to a Bluetooth device, then the Savi 700 series is for you. Simple to set up and use and comes in three configurations; over the head, single ear, over the head, double ear and a convertible model that allows you to wear it on-ear, over the head or behind the neck. Change connections by simply pressing a button on the top of the charging base and you move between phone, PC and Bluetooth. You can even join any two connection combinations on to a call.

icons of devices headsets connect to with check mark above PC

PC CONNECTIVITY. Many companies today are migrating to Softphones rather than deploying traditional desk phones. The phone is therefore PC based and well suited for use with a headset.


Discover D711U and D712U USB wired headsets

Discover D711U and Discover D712U Wired USB Headsets

Discover headsets are priced very reasonably and give you all day comfort and excellent sound quality. The USB connector makes it plug and play and in-line audio controls are included. Backed by a full 3-year advance replacement warranty makes it a special value.


Jabra Evolve 65 mono and duo wireless USB headsets

Jabra Evolve 65 mono and Duo USB Wireless Headsets

Jabra Evolve headsets are flat-out awesome. The Evolve 65’s are no different. Priced right, comfortable and great sound quality with USB Dongle and noise canceling microphone included makes this headset one well worth your time to consider.

Icons of devices headsets connect to with check mark above cordless phone

Cordless Phone Connectivity. Today, more and more companies are allowing their employees to work from home. In many cases, the home office employee is using a cordless phone as their primary communication tool. For those who call home their office, there are headsets available that can help make using a cordless phone a bit easier. Ever tried cradling a cordless phone on your shoulder while using your PC? If so, you’ll appreciate the headset options shown below.


Plantronics M214C Wired Headset for Cordless Phones

The Plantronics M214C is specifically designed for home and home office use. It features a 2.5mm pin connector for plugging into cordless phones that have a 2.5mm jack. Adjustable headband, noise canceling microphone and pillow soft ear cushion all make the M214C a headset worth owning.


VXi V200 lifestyle and product image showing three wearing styles

VXi V200 Multi-Connection Wireless Headset

The VXi V200 is a value priced, versatile wireless headset that not only connects to your cordless phone but it also connects to desk phones and to PC’s. The V200 comes with three wearing styles that include ear loop, headband and behind the neck-band. Got noise at home? No worries, the V200 has a noise canceling microphone that helps eliminate unwanted background noise. If you’re in the market for a versatile, super affordable ($149.99), great sounding headset, then the VXi V200 is a product worth checking out.

Hopefully, this Blog has helped to steer you towards a solution for your specific needs. A lot of options exist so if you find yourself confused or still needing more information, contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

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