5 Reasons why remote call answering is a must have for your Office Wireless Headset.

businessman in office on wireless headset

businessman in office on wireless headset

Here’s the deal. You just purchased a brand new office wireless headset only to discover that it doesn’t allow you to answer phone calls when away from your desk.  You, like many people, wonder why that feature isn’t included with the purchase of a wireless headset.

Remote Call Answering

handset lifters and EHS cables

In a lot of cases, when someone purchases a new wireless headset, there’s a perception that the headset includes the ability to answer calls when away from the desk. In most instances, that’s just not the case. Remote call answering, as it relates to office wireless headsets, is an optional feature at additional cost. There are two exceptions though.

  1. HEADSET BUNDLE. Some headset providers will “bundle” a headset with a handset lifer or EHS cable. In this case, you get the wireless headset and the accessory needed to answer calls when away from the desk.
  2. REMOTE ANSWER FEATURE BUILT INTO THE PHONE. Though the exception and not the rule, some phones have this feature built into them. In those cases, all you need is the wireless headset with no optional remote answer device needed. Charge up your headset, connect it to your phone, make any required adjustments within your phone and you’re off and running.


With the popularity of remote call answering, what makes it such a must have optional feature?

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Having the ability to step away from your desk without worry of missing important phone calls is liberating. It gives you the ability to work in ways you’ve not been able to in the past, giving you the freedom to move around your office untethered and unrestricted.


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Taking phone calls when away from the desk rather than having them go to voicemail is a great way to deliver a higher level of customer service. Given a choice, most of us, when calling, would rather have our calls answered versus going to voicemail. 


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When you’re not spending your time chasing phone calls, listening to voice messages, taking voicemail notes or returning phone calls, the time saved can be used for other, more productive things.


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When you have the ability to answer phone calls when away from the desk, you simply get more done! You’re not caught up in all that peripheral activity that puts a damper on productivity. Instead, you take calls on the fly and get business done.


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No need to go back to your desk to end your phone calls. The Handset Lifter and EHS cables allow you to terminate a call when away from your desk. This saves you the time and hassle of running back to the desk to end your call and then returning where you were to continue what you were doing. A wireless headset without this remote answer/end feature doesn’t offer you this ability nor the convenience and same degree of efficiency.

Using a wireless headset gives you far more work options and helps you to be healthier in the workplace not to mention more efficient. Adding the remote call feature kicks things up a notch helping to give you more convenience and greater productivity.

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