Busy Professionals Need Long Wireless Headset Talk Time. Here’s How The Different Brands Stack Up.

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When making money or your career’s on the line, you don’t need a headset that leaves you short on talk time. Instead, you need a headset that gives you all day connectivity that allows you to get the next deal closed or that critical call wrapped up.

Headsets that don’t offer all day connectivity can be a detriment to your success. Studies have shown that using an office headset enhances productivity and prevents many on-the-job work related injuries. Headsets are important for anyone who spends hours every day on the phone while on their PC. You eliminate the painful and inefficient experience of cradling the phone receiver on your shoulder. You also get a productivity boost and the ability to move freely about the office while taking calls on the fly. No wonder they continue to gain in popularity. Sure beats the alternative.

With headsets playing a key role in the success of countless business people, it’s important to have this tool available to you when needed. Besides sheer reliability and great sound quality, not to mention comfort, having a robust battery that delivers all day headset usability is very important in order to keep the conversation flowing.graphic of the words battery plus talk time equals promotion

Here’s how the most popular wireless office headsets compare when it comes to the talk time they provide.


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The most popular Plantronics wireless headset models are shown below.

  • CS540. Up to 7 hours (about 5 hours in wideband mode)
  • CS540 XD. Up to 6 hours
  • CS545 XD. Unlimited. Includes two hot swappable batteries
  • CS530. Up to 6 hours (about 4 hours if used in wideband mode)
  • CS510/CS520. Up to 13 hours (narrow band mode only, 8 otherwise)
  • Savi 740. Up to 7 hours (5 if in wideband mode)
  • Savi 745. Unlimited. Includes two hot swappable batteries
  • Savi 710/720. Up to 13 hours (narrow band mode only, 8 otherwise)
  • Savi 730. Up to 6 hours (4 if in wideband mode)

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Three of the four models use the same battery with the convertible model, D904 uses a different battery. Below is the summary of this brand and talk times.

  • Discover D901. Up to 9 hours
  • Discover D902. Up to 9 hours
  • Discover D903. Up to 9 hours
  • Discover D904. Unlimited. Hot swappable battery capability

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Jabra has several models of wireless headsets all offering different talk times. Here’s a quick summary of the most popular models.

  • Jabra Pro 920. Up to 8 hours
  • Jabra Pro 930. Up to 8 hours
  • Jabra Pro 9450. Up to 11 hours
  • Jabra Pro 9470. Up to 9 hours

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The two most popular models of Sennheiser wireless headsets include the SD Pro 1 monaural and the SD Pro 2 binaural. Talk times are the same as shown below.

  • SD Pro 1. Up to 8 hours in wideband mode and up to 12 hours in narrow band mode
  • SD Pro 2. Up to 8 hours in wideband mode and up to 12 hours in narrow band mode

Sennheiser wireless headsets

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comparisons of wireless headset battery talk times by manufacturer

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Battery recharge time can also be something to keep in mind, especially if you left your headset off the charger the night before. Here’s a quick look at a few models and how long it takes to recharge their batteries.

  1. Plantronics CS540 & Savi 740 – 3 hours
  2. Jabra Pro 9450 – 2 hours
  3. Sennheiser SD Pro 1 & 2 – 1 hour
  4. Discover D901, D902 & D903 – 45 minutes


summaryAs you can see, battery talk time and battery recharge times vary quite a bit from brand to brand. When searching for a new wireless headset and when talk time is high on your priority list, make sure to keep in mind the differences each brand offers. By doing so, you’ll be able to make informed decisions and in the end, you’ll have a headset that meets your needs and keeps you talking when others are ready to call it a day.

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