4 Reasons Why a Convertible Headset Makes Sense For Your Office or Call Center

image of man holiding up 4 fingers

image of man holiding up 4 fingers

In many offices and call centers around the country, Office Administrators and IT Professionals are making decisions to buy and deploy a variety of headset styles all targeted for one environment. Sometimes this due to their wanting to provide a wearing style preferred by the employee. After all, they are wearing it all day long and it’s an item that’s up front and personal. But this can have it’s drawbacks.

In other cases, the choice to deploy a mix of headset styles can be driven by economics. Everybody likes to get a great deal, right? Of course we all do, but…..

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So, what’s the harm in having a mixture of headsets spread throughout your organization?

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  • 1. You’ll have more difficulty supporting headset issues that arise because of the need to be familiar with the different models that have been deployed. More to know, more detail, more confusion.
  • 2. You’ll need to keep on hand, the various replacement or consumable parts needed to keep the headsets operating. More costly and takes up more space.
  • 3. Should someone want a headset style change, this will require that you to purchase a new headset. Costs you more money to replace the existing headset.
  • 4. You could encounter compatibility snags where certain headsets don’t work with certain cords, amplifiers, phones etc. resulting in usage interruptions and confusion. In particular, in job/desk sharing situations or redeployments.

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Consider looking into a convertible headset. What’s a convertible headset? Rather than having a headset that offers you only one wearing style, it provides multiple wearing options. Some give you an on-ear plus an over-the-head wearing option while others give you those plus a behind-the-neck option as well. You’ll have two or three wearing options all included giving you the freedom and flexibility to change to a different style at will.

What are the benefits of a convertible headset over any other style?

  1. Simplifies headset deployments. You won’t have to take personal preferences into account because multiple wearing styles are included. The employee simply chooses the wearing style right for them and disregards the others.
  2. Stocking accessories and replacement parts is simplified because all the headsets would use common parts. This helps to cut down on the amount of space needed to store accessories and helps to reduce costs too.
  3. Saves you money. Should someone find that they want or need a different headset style, you won’t need to purchase a new headset. This saves you money and the time needed to do the transaction.
  4. Compatibility Simplified.Any needs to cross connecting, job/desk sharing etc. will be handled easily because all models are the same. This helps to eliminate questions and compatibility problems that could come up in a mixed headset environment.

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Whether you’ve deployed a mixture of headset styles, makes and models, it’s still a good thing because it’s a well-known fact that headsets help office workers in a variety of ways. Some ways include improvements in ergonomics which help to cut down on worker compensation claims. You also get a productivity boost when using headsets, especially wireless models with remote call answering features. In any case, you’re to be congratulated for deploying headsets overall because they’re simply a great idea.

That said, if you’d like to help simplify your headset life, migrating to a standard is normally a good idea. Be cautious in your selection though because not everyone can use the same headset style which gives an advantage to a convertible headset design. Some people have serious sensitivities to bands worn over the head, resulting in migraine headaches. Other people may have a displeasure for an on-ear wearing style because of the inability to get a secure fit, or the discomfort it brings them.

Convertible headsets can be a viable answer to address a number of issues for your Office or Call Center. If you’d like some recommendations or get answers to your questions, contact us!  We’ll be happy to help you in any way we can, free of charge.


You can also download our 2017 Headset Buyers Guide that gives you good information on models for the Office, Call Center or Remote Worker. There’s also information on trading in old headsets for credit and how to save by buying fully warranted refurbished headsets. Either way, we sincerely wish you the best in your journey to find that perfect headset solution. Click below for the free Buyers Guide.

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