5 Important Reasons To Have One Headset For Your Desk Phone And PC

office phone and laptop connected to a wireless headset

office phone and laptop connected to a wireless headset

Wireless headsets for use with office desk phones isn’t anything new. These products have been available for almost two decades. But who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

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Office wireless headsets were introduced to give the customer more freedom and flexibility, and to that end, they’ve done a great job. Many things have changed since then. One of those things has been the introduction of computer based applications for video and voice. Webinars are now common and done on-line. Music can now be streamed. Video conferencing has migrated out of the conference room and onto our desktop computers. Bluetooth technology is now on our PC’s and the list goes on.

So, is there   hands holding up letters that spell value  to having a wireless headset connect to a desk phone AND to a PC?

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Here’s the reasons why I think so

  1. You’ll save money. Rather than buying two separate headsets and the accessories to go with them, you’ll have one headset. One less headset to misplace and less things to buy.
  2. Easier to use. Rather than toggling between two different headsets, you’ll have one headset compatible with your desk phone and PC. A simple press of a button switches you from one to the other. Doesn’t get much easier than that.
  3. Future proof. Compared to a desk phone only headset, a dual connectivity headset helps you to be future proof. In other words, as your business changes and begins using more PC based applications, you’ll have a headset that can keep pace every step of the way. The alternative is you’ll be shelling out more of that hard-earned cash to get connected.
  4. Greater versatility. A dual connection headset keeps you connected even in cases where you want to do desktop video conferencing, webinars, web-based training, Skype calls, phone calls, YouTube or just listening to music while you work. How you choose to use it is up to you, but these headsets stand ready to get the job done.
  5. Better collaboration. With a dual connection headset, you can use it for your office phone calls. You can also conference several headsets together for decentralized, ad hoc conference calls. You can even join a PC based call to your landline call. More use options, significantly more opportunity to collaborate and if plans are underway to migrate to Softphones, these headsets will work great.

Will you pay more for a dual connection wireless headset over a single? In many cases yes, but with the Discover brand, you typically pay the same or less than a single connection headset and you get a longer warranty too.

Discover D903 wireless headset        Discover D902 wireless headset                   Discover D901 wireless headset

If you’re like many customers, you’ll keep your headset for 4-5 years. Over that span of time, it’s highly likely that you’ll see an increasing amount of PC based applications find their way into your daily work life. When that happens, and it will, then you’ll already be setup and ready to go with no need to purchase a separate headset.

If you have questions or need some help, contact us and we’ll be glad to help, free of charge!

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