5 Key Things To Keep In Mind Before Ordering Office Wired Headsets For Your Office Or Call Center (Infographic)

drawing outline of three people question mark, thinking wheels, exclamation point

drawing outline of three people question mark, thinking wheels, exclamation point

Ordering headsets for your office can be challenging. Today, there are so many makes, models and options available to consider. Wired or wireless? Over the head binaural or over the head monaural? Maybe you’ll want to consider an over the ear wearing style or a convertible model might be the ticket. Connection to a desk phone, PC, Bluetooth or maybe mobile phone? Plantronics, Discover, Jabra or Sennheiser brand? Remote call answering? The list goes on.

This blog is intended to narrow things down with a focus solely on the person considering  purchasing wired headsets for an office staff using desk phones.

Though this task might appear to be simplistic in nature, there are some things to keep in mind to help you avoid making some ordering mistakes. Failing to order a required component, for example, can lead to frustration, added costs, returns and delays in deploying your headsets. That said, you can help avoid some of these setbacks by following the suggestions outlined on the infographic below.

Infographic - wired headsets (6)

If you’re new to the world of headsets, welcome aboard! If you’re a seasoned Pro, thanks for stopping by and checking out this blog. We’re here to help you in any way we can so contact us if you feel we can help.

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