The Best Wired Headsets For Your Call Center That Are Comfortable, Affordable & Sound Great!

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Most Call Center Managers and Supervisors, among other things, are tasked with managing headsets for their office. The activities required in managing these devices can vary from troubleshooting issues such as:

  • Static in the headset – resulting in poor call quality and disruption to conversations
  • Amplifier batteries that need replacing
  • Ear cushions that are worn out and need to be replaced
  • Broken headbands – not allowing the headset to sit properly on the Agent
  • Faulty microphones – customers having trouble hearing the Agent
  • Bad ear speakers – Agent is having difficulty hearing the callergraphic of pencil and pad with caption of and the list goes on

Other things that may be required is to seek out headset solutions for the Agents. It’s important to every Call Center to keep the Agents up and ready to take calls. This can’t happen if their headsets are problematic that ultimately prevents them from being on calls.

Call Center Managers and Supervisors often research headsets in order to find good solutions that are affordable, comfortable, reliable and provides good sound quality. That can be difficult to find  and sometimes requires going beyond research by bringing products in-house to try out on live calls. By doing so, Managers and Supervisors can get a great idea how the products that are being considered will perform in their exact working environment. Most reputable headset vendors will work with you on this by providing units for you to try out, free of charge. Highly recommended.

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The truth is, many of these things are important but different things matter to different people for different reasons. Price, for example, might be a major focal point for one Manager and not so much to another.

Due to the high demands that are placed on headsets in most Call Centers, the need for a good warranty is normally something high on most people’s priority list.

Timely deliveries can be important too especially if you’re at risk of not outfitting someone with a headset leaving them unable to efficiently do their job. Having spares on hand is one way to combat this, but in those cases where you’re short on headsets, delivery time can really matter.

As for service, everyone loves it when they can get it. The problem is, good service is something that’s many times hard to find. Simple things like getting a prompt reply to your phone call or email isn’t so common anymore not to mention finding someone with a truly caring attitude that’s willing help.

Aligning yourself with a reputable vendor with good industry experience and knowledge can help to make your job of managing headsets much easier.

With improvements in technology that ultimately lead to becoming industry standards, many headsets today are at par with one another. This has opened the door for Call Center Managers and Supervisors to look at brands that they might not have in years past. Many of these newcomers are compatible with the current headset infrastructure which means you won’t need to replace all your current cords, cables and amplifiers which can save you money and help to avoid disruptions. Considering other brands can lead you to a better headset solution and even trim your expenses.

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In Call Centers, the most popular wearing styles are:

MONAURAL. A headset worn over the head and covers one ear. Though monaural headsets can be purchased without noise cancelling microphones, the most popular type are those that have noise reducing microphones. Having this feature allows unwanted office noise to be reduced making for better call sound quality.

In the new Discover line of headsets, the model D711 has many attractive features.

Discover D711 wired headset with description

BINAURAL. Many people prefer a double ear headset due to the amount of room noise common to many Call Center environments. A noise cancelling microphone can help remove unwanted background noise for your callers and the double ear speakers help to reduce the room noise for you.

The Discover D712 with dual ear speakers is a great choice to hear better and to have your callers hear you better too.

Discover D712 binaural headset with description

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