5 important reasons why you need a busy light when using a headset in your office.

cartoon that says for the boss to not disturb the secretary

cartoon that says for the boss to not disturb the secretary

Interruptions can be annoying. Interruptions can be a productivity killer. Interruptions can leave you feeling like you didn’t accomplish anything when the day comes to an end.

We’ve all experienced it. You’re on the phone and in the middle of your conversation, someone comes up to you and starts another conversation with you. Now if you’re like most people I know, carrying on two separate sets of conversations simultaneously is challenging at the very least and nearly impossible at best. After all, we don’t have two sets of ears, two mouths and two separate, autonomous brains, at least on this planet.

word graphic saying So why do these interruptions occur?

  • They aren’t aware that you’re on the phone in spite of the fact you’re holding the telephone handset to your ear and looking engaged. Come on people….
  • They’re in their own zone in deep contemplation about the meaning of life and unaware of such obvious details.
  • They can’t tell that you’re in the middle of a call when using a headset especially when the other party is talking and you’re listening. This is extremely common.
  • Zombie Apocalypse is in the early stages causing erratic, unexplained behaviors in the office and everyone’s infected.

graphic saying the zombie office

No matter what the reason, real or imaginary,  interruptions can be a real drag and irritating to anyone job focused and needing to be in the concentration zone.

most interesting man in the world saying I don't spend much time on the phone

Headset users are typically interrupted more than someone holding a handset receiver. When someone is holding a phone receiver to their ear, it’s far more obvious that they’re on a phone call when compared to someone who’s using a headset. This is because they can’t tell if you just have your headset on or if you’re on a call. Fortunately, there is a solution for those who use headsets! This solution can help minimize intrusions during your phone calls, keep you in the concentration zone and drop that frustration level down to sub-zero. Ice Ice baby!


So why would you want to use one of these? 

  1. Alerts others that you’re on the phone so they’ll know not to engage with you
  2. Eliminates unwanted interruptions that can break your concentration
  3. You can make yourself unavailable to others if you’re working on an important project thereby avoiding breaks in your concentration
  4. Reduce frustration caused by interruptions
  5. Improve work efficiency because you’ll get more done!

Getting people in your office trained to take a glance at the busy light to see if you’re available, takes time, persistence and patience. But once accomplished, you’ll quickly see the difference one of these devices can make to help minimize, if not fully eliminate, unwanted interruptions.


Not sure if a busy light will help you-

Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you in any way we can. Headsets can be complicated and we’re here to help make things easy for you.

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