Don’t think you need a headset? Think again and READ THIS! (infographic)

two people on phone. one with handset one with headset

two people on phone. one with handset one with headset

Anyone who works in an office and uses the phone a lot understands the importance that phone communications play. Whether you’re a Customer Support Representative or Technical Support Professional or a remote worker who calls home your home office, getting things done and being on top of your game is very important.

When it comes to phone communications, there are two primary instruments people use in order to accomplish the task.

  1. TELEPHONE HANDSET RECEIVER. This is the traditional way of communicating. Pick up the receiver, dial your number and talk. For short calls that don’t require simultaneous computer and telephone use, that can be an acceptable practice. For calls that are longer and/or require you to be on the phone while accessing information on your computer, well, this method has been proven, through independent research to be significantly less effective from a productivity and worker health perspective. More on this to follow.
  2. TELEPHONE HEADSET. Everyone who spends time on the phone, especially when needing to use their computer at the same time, can derive significant benefits by using a headset. Not only are you hands free, but you can also be wire free giving you the ability to move around the office while still being connected. Without question, using a headset versus a telephone handset is better and helps to make you more productive. Additionally, you can expect to be healthier too.  Don’t believe me? Well then check out the infographic below.

Headset Efficiency Infographic

Facts are hard to dispute. These independently produced statistics on the advantages that headsets hold over using a traditional handset are without question, compelling. If you’re in a position that involves making decisions on communication products for your company and aren’t currently using headsets, come on in, the water’s warm. Headsets will make your employees happier, healthier and more productive and what’s not to like about that?

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