5 EASY FIXES If People Can’t Hear You When Using a Headset.

person looking confused saying I can't hear you

person looking confused saying I can't hear you

Anyone who’s used a headset knows that unexpected sound related issues can occur. For example, you might be on a call and the sound quality is perfect and the very next call you experience difficulty in being heard by your caller. Confused, dazed and without question, perplexed, you ponder what might be the cause of this.

Though this can be a total mystery, what can you do with your headset besides launching it into the next zip code?

person throwing headset into a different zip code

Not being able to be heard by your callers can be broken down into man categories.

  • Not being able to be heard at all
  • Being heard, but intermittently
  • Being heard, but not loud enough or clear enough

I’d like to address item number one on the list above; not being heard at all. ┬áSo, what can you do in the way of on-site troubleshooting to remedy this aggravating and annoying issue? Below are 5 troubleshooting tips you can try to get your headset microphone back up and working.

troubleshooting headset microphone problem graphic

Naturally there can be other reasons why your headset has decided to not cooperate with you and clammed up. You could have a microphone that’s gone or going bad. You can have a short in the wiring. You can have a short in the Direct Connect Cable. You might need batteries replaced in the amplifier.

graphic of pencil and pad with caption of and the list goes on

If you, or someone in your office is having trouble with their headset, contact us and we’ll be glad to help and the service is free of charge.

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