Don’t Buy Wired Headsets For Your Office Until You Read This!

headset amplifier base and direct connect cord graphic

headset amplifier base and direct connect cord graphic

Confusion is extremely common when it comes to purchasing the right office wired headset and the components needed to connect to a desk phone.

Many people will purchase quick disconnect headsets such as the Plantronics HW251N or the Discover D711 and become surprised when they find out that they don’t connect to their phone. So…..

what's the deal?

Quick Disconnect (QD) headsets aren’t meant to connect to a desk phone. I realize this sounds a bit crazy and for sure, opposite of what all the slick marketing pieces tell you, so it’s important to clarify.

QD headsets are designed to work with a lower, coiled QD cable that do connect to telephones. That is, assuming that your phone has a HEADSET port as shown below.

Headset and Handset port on desk phone

Here’s what a typical QD headset looks like (Discover D712 shown below)

Discover D712 binaural office wired headset

The QUICK DISCONNECT (QD) connector marries up with a like connector that’s found on the end of a direct connect cable and amplifier base. A close up look at the QD is shown below. Being that the wired headset contains this connector, there’s no way to make a connection to a phone. That’s why a lower connector cord or amplifier is needed.

Quick disconnect connector

The office wired QD headset plugs into a QD coil cord. The type of QD coil cord you’ll need depends on the make and model of phone you’re connecting to. We can help you to know which cable you need, just contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

Here’s what a typical QD coil cord that’s used to connect to your office wired QD headset and phone. These would be used if your phone has a HEADSET port/jack.

Quick disconnect direct connect cord for wired office headset

If your telephone does NOT have a headset port, then you’ll need an amplifier/adapter base. Below is a picture of one brand, the D200. The D200 has a telephone to amplifier interface cable that enables it to make the needed connection. The amplifier base also comes with a coil to QD cable which is where you’d plug in your QD headset and controls for adjusting hearing and speaking volumes as well as headset/handset switching and mute.

Discover D200 headset amplifier base

When you’re considering purchasing wired headsets for yourself or for your team, it can be unclear what you need to make the headsets work with your phones. Below is a summary that can help you bring some clarity to this common misunderstanding.

Sheriff Woody from Toy Story

  1. Decide on your new wired headsets (over-the head, single ear, over-the-head, double ear, on-ear or convertible).
  2. Examine the phone that the headsets will connect to and see if it has a HEADSET port/jack.
  3. If yes, then you will need a Direct Connect Cable / Lower Control Cable. This cable plugs into the HEADSET port of your phone and also to your new headset.
  4. If your phone doesn’t have a headset port, then you’ll need an amplifier/adapter base. The base comes with a connector cord that plugs into the HANDSET port of your phone. The handset then plugs into your amplifier base. Lastly, the amp comes with a coil cord with a Quick Disconnect (QD) which is where the new wired headset plugs in.

That’s it! Follow these simple directions and you’ll never find yourself with wired office headsets unable to work with your desk phone.

Need more information? Contact us today and we’ll be super happy to help you and answer any of your questions. No cost, no pressure, just good info.

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