The most important question to ask before you purchase a Plantronics Savi Wireless Headset

graphic of number 1, a key and a question.

graphic of number 1, a key and a question.

When purchasing a wireless headset for the office, buyers today have options available to them as to the devices that these wireless headsets connect to.

Single connectivity, dual connectivity and triple connectivity are the choices available. The Plantronics Savi wireless headset, the main focus of this blog, fits into the last, most expensive (triple connection) category. Let’s take a look at the devices that these wireless headsets connect to, and then we’ll dive into the qualifying question you should ask before purchasing a Plantronics Savi wireless headset.single connectivity with icon of desk phoneThis simply refers to office wireless headsets that connect to desk telephones. More specifically, the phones that are common to an office environment that have a handset and coil cord. These could be Analog, Digital, Centrex or Voice over IP (Voip). Single connectivity headsets only connect to a desk phone and not to any other device.

Dual connectivity with phone and PC icons

A dual connectivity headset connects to a desk phone but also connects to a PC. Some might ask what would be the purpose of connecting a wireless headset that’s commonly used with a business phone to a PC? The answer is found in the technology that’s all around us with communication at the heart of it all.

Connecting a wireless headset to a PC is beneficial when using many applications. For example, a lot of office workers receive training via web-based applications such as webinars and video. Having a wireless headset that allows you to have your hands free and not be tethered by a cord is not only efficient and healthier for you but very convenient.

You can also use a wireless headset when communicating via video as well. Desktop video apps are common today and include Skype for Business, Zoom, Blue Jeans, Vidyo and more. No need for speakers and a mic when all that’s conveniently built-in to a small, compact and portable wireless headset. Your office mates won’t be disturbed either!

triple connectivity with phone, PC and Bluetooth icons

These versatile headsets connect to a desk phone, PC as well as to a Bluetooth phone. You get all the convenience of phone and PC connections but you can also use the same wireless headset for calls you receive via your mobile phone. Best of all, when using a Plantronics Savi wireless headset with your mobile phone, your Bluetooth wireless range extends from 33 feet to up to 350 feet and you can answer calls using your headset even when you don’t have your phone on you. Both are very attractive features.

With all the different ways to use an office wireless headset, making a decision on which one is best for you really comes down to this:

What do you NEED the headset to connect to? Phone only? If so, then a single connection headset is likely right for you.

Phone and PC? Then a dual connection model would be a smart choice.

Phone, PC and Bluetooth? A triple connection headset would be a great decision.

With regards to triple connection headsets, be sure to ask yourself this question before plunking down the cash to make that purchase.

man with question mark asking here's the question

Do you NEED Bluetooth connectivity?  Let me repeat that question once more. Do you need Bluetooth connectivity? It’s very common to be attracted to the idea of triple connectivity in a wireless headset, but in most cases, a single or dual connection headset is all that’s really needed. Triple connectivity headsets are the most expensive among all types, so before making the decision to purchase one (or more), make sure that Bluetooth connectivity is truly needed. If not, you’ll pay more than necessary and end up  with a product that has features you simply won’t use.

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