5 Ways To Use Your Office Wired Headset To Get The Most From It

headset with arrows pointing to 5 technology devices

headset with arrows pointing to 5 technology devices

Generally speaking, whenever someone purchases an office wired headset, it’s to connect to a desk phone so they don’t have to cradle the phone on their shoulder. No arguments from me, that’s a great decision. But a little known fact is your office wired headset will connect to no less than five (5) devices. Knowing this can help to give you far more flexibility and usage options over using your headset with a desk phone only.

Below are some quick pointers on how to use your office wired headset with these other devices.  Keep in mind that this applies to Plantronics, Jabra, Sennheiser, Vxi, Discover and other commercial brands of headsets that feature a Quick Disconnect (QD) plug.  That said, let’s dive right into this so you can get a few ideas and be on your way.

First, you need to make sure that your office wired headset has a Quick Disconnect (QD) plug located at the end of the headset cable.  A picture of what a typical one looks like is below. Yours might vary a bit from this image, but you get the idea.

wired headset quick disconnect

When connecting your office wired headset to a desk phone, you plug-in the QD as shown above, to a direct connect cable or to an amplifier base. An amplifier base would be used if your phone doesn’t have a headset port, and the direct connect cable if it does. Both have a matching QD which allow them to be joined to the QD on your headset.

Plantronics M22 amplifier and headset connector cord


BUT, can you connect to a computer?

graphic showing the answer is absolutely

Being that an office wired headset has a Quick Disconnect, all you need is an adapter cable. This cable has a QD on one end, and a USB connector on the other.  Plug your headset into this adapter cable and plug-in to your PC or Laptop and better than a slick magic trick, you’re off and running.  Here’s what a typical cable looks like and they’re available for all major brands.

QD to USB cable

So far, we’re able to connect to a wide variety of desk phones (analog, digital, centrex and voip) as well as to your Laptop or PC.  What about connecting to a Mobile Phone?

graphic saying that's a good question

Once again, the answer is YES!  So lets take a quick look at how you’d adapt an office wired headset for use with a mobile phone.

It’s all about the cable….

All that’s needed to adapt your trusty office wired headset for use with a mobile phone is an adapter cable. Unlike the one needed for use with a PC, this cable has a QD connector on one end and a 3.5mm pin connector on the other. The pin connector plugs into the headset jack that’s found on almost all Mobile Phones which are typically 3.5mm sized. Here’s what one of these adapter cables looks like and they’re typically priced under $30.00

Quick Disconnect to 3.5mm pin connector cable

Worth noting is some phones require a three band pin connector vs. a two band. In the image above, you’ll see that there are two black bands wrapped around the pin. The number of bands reflects specific audio functions so check with your headset supplier to find the right one for your particular phone.

OK, we’re rolling with desk phone connectivity, PC/Laptop connections as well as mobile/smart phone connection. So what if I’m a remote worker who calls home the home office? Can I use a QD wired headset with a cordless home phone?

Doug Merritt saying I get to say YES again

Most mobile/cell phones have a 3.5mm headset jack while many home cordless phones have a 2.5mm port. That said, it stands to reason that you’d use a 2.5mm to QD adapter cord. Plug in your QD headset into one end and plug-in the pin connector into your cordless phone jack. Like the QD to 3.5mm cable shown above, the cable needed for home cordless phone connection looks the same except that the pin connector is a different size (2.5mm vs. 3.5mm). See below.

Quick Disconnect to 2.5mm adapter cable

As you can see, having a QD office wired headset gives you more use options besides just connection to a desk phone. As your communication needs change, keep in mind that a QD type headset can offer you a significant amount of flexibility when matched with the right adapter cable. If you have questions or would like to explore some solutions for you or your staff, contact us. We’re always available to help and the service is free.

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