3 Reasons Why Over-The-Head Style Headsets Aren’t Right For Everyone Who Works In An Office

Commander Spock w headset saying live long and find the right headset

Commander Spock w headset saying live long and find the right headset

Whether you work on the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise or in a busy office or Call Center, it’s important to have a headset that not only sounds great, but comfortable as well.

Office and Call Center Managers are tasked with evaluating headsets and deciding on the headsets that will be used in their offices. This can be a difficult job because there are a number of wearing style choices. Do you deploy one style for everyone?  Do you ask for employee input before making the decision? Do you purchase a variety and everyone can pick what they like?

Many times over the head single or double ear models are selected and deployed. This can be problematic for a variety of reasons.  Below are a few.

Jim Carey point at hair saying don't mess with the dew

Not everyone appreciates the hair style modifications brought on by wearing an over the head style headset throughout the day. The time taken in the morning to get every hair in its proper place gets wasted on the headband being on your noggin for the day. The result? Employee dissatisfaction and a new dew commonly called “headset hairdo”.

person with migrain

Everyone has their own sensitivities to things.  One sensitivity in the headset world is for objects worn over the head. Many people can get headaches and in some cases, migraine headaches from wearing a headband style headset. Needless to say, that’ll ruin anyone’s day not to mention cause a severe drop in productivity. Be prepared for these kinds of issues to arise if your headset deployment strategy is to furnish over the head style headsets only.

graphic of perception is reality and how headbands are perceived

For office workers who wear headsets, their perception is their reality. In many cases, those who are issued headband style headsets feel like they’re working at a fast food drive through. At least, that’s how it makes them feel. This viewpoint is based on several decades of hearing customers making these comments. Something to keep in mind when deciding on a headset deployment strategy for your office as happy employees are more productive employees.

Graphical word art showing the word conclusion

How you go about deciding on a headset standard for your office or Call Center should take some time and thought. Are you making a decision for a small group or a larger group? It’s quicker and easier to poll a small group for their personal wearing preference compared to doing the same for a large group. In either case, below are a few sample questions you might ask when attempting to narrow down the wearing style of office headset your team wants and needs.

graphic of sample questions about headset preferences

Lastly, make sure that you’re dealing with a reputable headset supplier who has the flexibility to work with you should exchanges be required. Every company has their own policy as to returns and exchanges, so you’ll want to ask about this up front if you anticipate you might need to make a few exchanges.

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