4 Sound Reasons Why Using a USB Headset Is Far Better Than The Alternative

graphic of USB headset saying USB headsets the better choice

graphic of USB headset saying USB headsets the better choice

More and more, we’re seeing an increasing number of PC applications designed to enhance our communications and training. Being that these applications require audio and video, office workers are required to have the ability to hear and be heard. In a lot of cases this is accomplished with the use of computer speakers and a microphone.

This blog is designed to provide you with a few reasons why using speakers and a mic isn’t your best choice especially if you work in an open office environment.  That said, let’s jump right in.

To begin, you’ve got desk mates, office mates, co-workers and the like. You have a job to do just like they do.  The problem is…

graphic saying nobody likes noise

When you fire up those computer speakers with the killer sub-woofer, you’re inviting everyone around you who’s in hearing distance to join in on your call. Not only is this a major distraction to those around you, but it has a negative affect overall on productivity and worker health. Distracting room noise is consistently high on the list of pet peeves for people who work in offices. Check out this article by Lorraine E. Maxwell from the College of Human Ecology at Cornell University.



Another issue in using speakers and a microphone when doing web training or video calls for example is….. 

man with cup to a wall saying can you hear me now?

The answer to this question is generally YES!

Even if you have the luxury of working in a private office, a surprising amount of sound can generally be heard through walls. This can be an issue especially if sensitive information is being discussed that’s not meant to be heard by others. If you work in an open office environment you end up with virtually zero privacy which can cause you to adjust your speaking and listening volumes which can be problematic or require you relocate to a more private location. None of these options make sense when a low-cost, reliable solution exists.

Everything today is about mobility. Watch movies from practically anywhere on any device. Video conference from your desktop, tablet or even from your smart phone. It’s all about having flexibility and mobility so that technology is being delivered when you want, where you want. Using a pair of computer speakers and a mic anchors you down to your desk giving you no flexibility….You’re stuck.

business woman at desk saying I'm not going anywhere

On the other hand, if you were using a USB headset, in particular, a wireless USB headset, you’d have significantly more use options.  For example, if you’re on a conference call, you can go grab a fresh cup of coffee. You can mute the microphone and take care of an urgency. You can get up from your desk and walk around a bit to help refresh yourself and stretch your legs. There are a lot of advantages so why not leverage them to enhance your productivity and make things easier for you?

A final thing worth noting is…. 

speaker image with text saying sound quality

When using speakers and a mic, you typically don’t have optimum sound quality. Microphones that are commonly used don’t have noise cancellation. This means that surrounding background noise will likely be heard and if you move around, your voice won’t be heard at a consistent level. The speakers may or may not be adequate. This depends on their quality and your environment. All this can be easily fixed by an affordable, plug-and-play USB headset. Microphones are noise cancelling and the speakers are designed to put the sound straight into your ear so you hear every word, loud and clear with nothing missed.

man sitting by clock what are you waiting for

You’ve got to agree, using a USB headset is far better than using computer speakers and a microphone. Not only can you expect superior sound quality, but you’ll be able to take your call on the go and in the process, not disturb your co-workers with sound booming from your speakers.

If you’re concerned about wearing styles, don’t worry. You can select from models that are worn

  • Over the head, covering one ear
  • Over the head, covering two ears
  • Over the ear
  • Behind the neck

In both wired and wireless variants.

So don’t worry about messing up the dew or thinking the only headset choice will have you looking like you’re taking orders at the local fast food drive through.

Dikembe Mutombo finger waving saying no, no, no

Get a USB headset for yourself. Get a USB headset for your co-workers. You’ll be healthier, you’ll be more productive, you’ll be happier and the time you spend on PC applications that require audio you’ll have better quality which gives benefit to you and those you’re communicating with.

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