Migrating to Softphones in your Office or Call Center? Read this before you do!

icon of phone and softphone

icon of phone and softphone

Office phones, as we’ve known them in the past, are changing. Two key contributors of this change involve Voice over iP (Voip) phone systems and Softphones. A Voip phone system has the look of a more traditional phone system with a familiar looking phone sitting on the desk. How the phone carries out a phone call is where the key difference from a traditional phone lies.

Softphones, by contrast, eliminate the phone set. In other words, you wouldn’t see a phone sitting on an office desk. Instead, you’d make and take phone calls via your computer. Hence the name “soft” phone as it uses a software program to connect you to calls.

The intent of this Blog is to say part of a Softphone conversion generally involves headsets. Specifically, USB headsets.  With this thought in mind, what follows is some general information on a thought pertaining to headsets for you to consider when migrating from a traditional phone system to Softphones.

Something you might not know is this:

man with ear to the wall saying sounds good

Too often, Office Managers believe that this dramatic change in technology leaves the current headsets behind and warrants a complete headset refresh.

If you’ve been using a traditional phone system with commercial grade office headsets, such as Plantronics, Jabra, Discover, Vxi or Sennheiser, all you likely need when converting to Softphones is an adapter cable.

here's the deal

Typical office headsets use a Quick Disconnect (QD) connector. Shifting over to Softphones requires the connection to be USB.

quick disconnect and picture of USB connector

So rather than replacing out all your current headsets, you might want to consider purchasing adapter cables instead. This will save you a ton of money and help you to avoid an unnecessary expenditure, especially if your current headsets are working fine.

Here’s what a typical QD to USB adapter looks like.

headset quick disconnect and USB images and how they connect

Though this is a small nugget of information, if it falls into the hands of someone who’s in the early stages of a Softphone conversion and thinking they need new headsets, this could have a positive impact on the budget.

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