What you can do with 3 times the wireless Headset talk range in your office

graphic of Discover headsets will keep you talking

graphic of Discover headsets will keep you talking

Wireless headsets used in offices, on average, offer a stated wireless talk range of “up to” 350 feet. This has been the industry standard for a lot of years. Some brands claim more, while others less. Jabra and Sennheiser, for example, claims a wireless talk range in excess of this industry standard at over 400 feet. Though in Sennheiser’s case, the extended talk range is line of sight and when not in sight, the range is reduced by about one half.


If wireless talk range is something you can really use, you owe it to yourself to check out the new Discover line of wireless headsets. Some models within the line offer a talk range of up to 1200 feet. That’s significantly further than any other wireless headset on the market today. In fact, it’s about three and a half time further! This extended range is accomplished through the use of a proprietary chipset not found in any of the other well-known brands. That said, what value or benefit can you get by selecting a long-range Discover wireless headset?

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To begin

Don't count on getting the talk range shown in the literature graphic

Headset promotional literature can be a little misleading. It leaves you with the impression that you’ll get 350 feet of wireless talk range. In reality, the fine print will normally read “up to” 350 (or whatever) feet. That’s because obstructions such as walls, elevators, cubicles etc. will all have a lowering effect on the amount of wireless talk range you can get. So be aware that the actual talk range you’ll get will be less than what you see in print. As a rule of thumb, take the stated range and cut it in half and that’s a more realistic talk range number.

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A long-range wireless headset, such as the Discover D901 and D902, will give you noticeably more wireless talk range over any other brand. Here’s how you can benefit from this extended talk range.

going to the warehouse with headset on graphic

Need to go out to the warehouse to talk with the warehouse manager or check stock on something? The Discover D901 and D902 will give you the absolute best chance to be on a call and go into the warehouse without dropping the call. This helps to make for a smoother customer experience and helps to avoid call backs, voice messages and phone tag.

graphic of conference call but needing to go to the bathroom

On a long conference call and need to get up and use the facilities? That’s a reality especially after polishing off your third cup of coffee. Depending on where the room is located, a standard wireless headset may leave you coming up short. If so, you’ll need to leave the call where you might risk missing important information or worse, wait. A Discover D901 or D902, with the longest wireless range, will give you the best chance to stay on the call while easing the situation.

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If you’re on a call and someone states that they just sent you a fax. The Discover D901 and D902 long-range wireless headsets give you the best chance to stay on the call with the customer while walking to the fax machine. ¬†Not everyone sits close to the fax machine which means it could be a distance from where you sit. ¬†Granted, the use of fax is diminishing, but it’s still a part of business that hasn’t gone away just yet.

I'm on a break coffee mug with clock and person smoking

Expecting an important phone call and you step outside for a smoke break or down the hall for a cup of joe? Keep your Discover headset on and you’ll have the best chance to know when that important call comes in and you’ll be able to take the call even if you’re outside the building. I realize that the logistics in buildings and designated smoking and break areas vary, but given that Discover headsets provide 2-3 times the wireless talk range, you have the best chance of not missing that all important phone call.

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Discover headsets allow you to join up to three people on to a single phone call. This is very helpful when it comes to collaboration. Each person can be on their headset and as long as they’re within wireless range, everyone can collaborate on the same call. Having long distance with your wireless headset gives you more versatility. People who you want on a call can be far from your office but still be on your call. Having less wireless range as with other brands, means that your options are more limited. One added reason why Discover wireless headsets give you more, but don’t cost you more.

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