3 Reasons To Cut The Cord In Your Office And Experience A Wireless Headset

First off…

Sitting is killing you!

Once upon a time as humans, we lived on our feet. Whether we were farming or hunting to put food on the table, we were on our feet! With the new age of TV, computers and a desk job, we’re sitting down more than ever before. Our bodies weren’t built to sit as much as we do today and it’s taking its toll. Ergonomics in the workplace has never been so important, which leads us into the 3 main benefits on why you need to get a wireless headset in your office!

Check out the how sitting down is killing you (infographic) and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

Wireless headset benefit 1

Benefit #1. Wireless freedom to walk and talk

Whether your on a telephone call for 1 hour at a time or you take multiple phone calls throughout the day, immediately you’ll feel the benefits a wireless headset can offer. If you get stuck on a long conference call, need to get up grab a cup of coffee or need to meet with a co-worker, a simple tool like a wireless headset now provides you the ultimate freedom and is proven to increases productivity up to 43%.

In addition, if you add a Lifter or EHS cable to go with your office headset, you’ll have the ability to answer calls remotely. Meaning you’ll never have to miss a call and return a voicemail again. This is great for managers because there’s no reason why the phone can’t be answered and if you’re an employee who doesn’t want to answer the phone.. I’m sorry in advance!

taco neck get a wireless headset

Avoid taco neck at all costs!

Benefit #2. Better ergonomics, less pain and increased productivity

If you’ve experienced going through a workers compensation claim from neck, back or shoulder pain, then you’ll know what I’m talking about when it comes to pain! Once you go through getting an ergonomic evaluation, some major improvements like the height of your monitors, to the positioning of your telephone, mouse and keyboard is crucial. If you make/take phone calls, listen to webinars or get on conference calls, a wireless headset is going to help you in the long run with reducing pain and ultimately saving you money. 

Some might worry that a wireless office headset causes radiation but there’s no need to worry because the fact is the frequency is so low, it has been proven to be safe. Wireless headsets for your office use DECT technology which use less frequency than a Bluetooth headset. Doctors and and scientists throughout the world have deemed wireless headsets safe for consumers and there’s been no links to cancer.

keep both hands free with a wireless headset

Benefit #3. Both hands free and less clutter on your desk

If you’re cradling a handset on your neck or even if you use a wired headset, then you know the struggle it is when you start trying to multi task. The second you pick up that handset, you have a long tangled up coil cord that you’re constantly trying to fight off just to get out of the way. The wired headset you might have, often times the cord isn’t long enough, so the second you go past the range of the cord, the headset is getting ripped right off your head!

Getting a wireless headset in your office, not only reduces the clutter but it keeps both your hands free to multi task and increases efficiency to get your job done as best as possible. In addition, wireless office headsets come standard with a noise cancelling microphone now, so all that background noise a caller would hear on your handset is now reduced and your calls are heard crystal clear without the background distractions.


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