4 Advantages a Wireless Headset Has Over a Wired – Cut The Cord Today!

wired vs wireless time to cut the cord

wired vs wireless time to cut the cord


Years ago, considering a wireless headset for use in an office would have been nothing more than something on your wish list. The cost of wireless headsets, back then, were easily three to four times higher than the typical cost of a traditional wired headset.

Fast forward fifteen years, and the ability to justify purchasing wireless headsets over wired models has certainly improved.  In fact, improved a lot.

In the past it wasn’t uncommon to buy a wired headset for around $150.00 and a wireless headset for around $400.00, which didn’t include remote call answering. Today, you can purchase a wired headset for about the same $150.00, but the wireless models have not only come down in price ($150.00 – $300.00), but the quality and features have been vastly improved.

Jabra Elipse wireless headset side by side with Discover D903 wireless

Fifteen years ago, when you purchased a wireless headset, you got a product that required you to wear a remote unit on your belt and a wired headset plugged into the remote unit. Though the product worked fine, it was a little cumbersome and by todays standards, technologically outdated.

Today, the wires are gone as the headsets are now 100% wireless. This makes for a far more convenient headset using experience now that the wires have been eliminated.

Having said all this, why would someone today want to purchase a wireless headset instead of a wired model? Consider the following.

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In general, the cost of wired headsets haven’t gone up all that much, but they have a bit over the years. Wireless headsets, on the other hand, have been declining in price steadily over the years. You can now get a wireless headset for about the same price as you’d pay for a wired model.  It then comes down to whether or not you have need or interest in the features and benefits provided by a wireless headset when compared to a wired one.

Features and Benefits

When you compare what you get in a wired headset vs. a wireless, you’ll quickly see that a wireless headset gives you more use options. For starters, you don’t have a cord to get in the way. These cords are notorious for snagging on chair arms and when you stand up, the headset is yanked off your head and the headset hits the floor. Cords also have a tendency to get run over by chairs or slammed in desk drawers which causes fractures in the cord resulting in crackling, static and loss of speaking or hearing volumes.

Besides not having a cord, a wireless headset gives you the freedom to move around your office while on a call. Add the optional handset lifter or Electronic Hookswitch Cable and you can answer and end calls remotely as well. Something a wired headset just can’t compete with. This is a huge advantage given the efficiency implications at a cost not much more than a standard wired headset.

No missed phone calls and Icon of telephone handset missing a call

Anybody who spends time on the phone knows the challenges associated with call management. When you step away from your desk, Murphy’s Law kicks into gear and that all important phone call you were expecting comes in when you were away for 1 minute. It happens. The result? Time to retrieve the phone message, make the call back, get their voicemail, leave a message and wait. A wireless headset helps you to avoid all that by giving you the freedom and flexibility to take a call when away from your desk. Service is enhanced, time is spent more efficiently and more work gets done.

Better customer service and support agent

If you’re able to take calls wherever you are in your office and not returning phone calls, you’re providing a higher degree of customer service. Anyone who cares about providing the best service possible will understand the value of this point. When someone calls in, they are wanting to talk with someone. Having that call go to voicemail isn’t providing the customer with the best possible degree of service.  A wireless headset may not be the total answer, but it’s certainly one of the larger tools in the toolbox that can help bring about a higher level of customer service.

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In general, using a wireless headset is far more efficient than using a wired model. Granted, using a wired headset far surpasses using a telephone handset, but if you want to get the most out of your day, provide the best possible customer service while not breaking the bank, invest in a good quality wireless headset such as the new Discover D901, D902 or D903. Outstanding sound quality, a full two-year, advance replacement warranty and connection to your desk phone and to your PC for even more versatility. Best of all, you can try them out free of charge right in your office for 60 days. Contact us today to request your free demo.

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